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(Last Updated On April 12, 2020)

This photograph is from a collection documenting life in the German city of Mehrow. Thus these are really snapshots and not images from a professional photographer. You can read here account here. But once again it helps illustrate the attitudes of different people in different times.

Elke Böhm – Badewanne (1940s)

Of course, strictly speaking, Ms. Böhm would not really be the photographer since she is simply recounting her childhood, but rather one of her family members or friends, perhaps Falko.

6 thoughts on “Random Images: Elke Böhm

    • I am sorry, but the pictures are not captioned. I have already quoted in my previous comment all the information about this photograph I could find in Elke’s account.

  1. So far I have just skimmed the text, but have not spotted a name of the photographer. There is only one short mention: “(…) we were filmed and photographed, as often happens. Some of the films are still stored in archives.” I presume that Elke’s father might have been a photographer, however it is not explicitly stated.

    There is another interesting passage where Elke recollects memories of her childhood. “We children of the Husfeldt, Papst and Kolumbe [families] played together almost every day. In the summer we ran around naked in the warmth, which was frowned upon by the passing Berliners who scolded our parents for allowing us to do it. >You should be ashamed of yourself.< There was a duck pool in the yard, which we used as a bathing place when it was not dirty. Otherwise, there was a zinc tub ready for us to romp around in."

    Indeed, the duck pool can be seen in the back, while the kids are photographed frolicking in the zinc tub. Mehrow is a village in the suburbs of Berlin, so I believed that in the summertime the villagers just let their kids run around naked all day long if they wanted to. The Berliners might have been more reserved in their manner.

    • City folk generally are more uptight and there is a kind of logical reason for that. Being smashed together in a crowded city makes people more defensive and vulnerable. It is one of the key problems with the concept of civilization generally. Thank you for this insightful exposition. -Ron

  2. Reading the text: Falko was the [German] Shepherd [dog].

    Pre-war German dogs may have been capable photographers 🙂

    • LOL. I am guilty of just skimming the text so all I saw was how important Falko was and that he saved her life once. Sorry, I have been trying to get out a large backlog and certain details slip my notice. -Ron

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