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In case it is not abundantly clear, the presence of children in the nude is hardly a rarity since practically the advent of photography. Almost exclusively, they are taken at naturist camps or produced with the cooperation of the families who frequent them.

Arthur Benda – Zwei sitzende Nudistenkinder beobachten Kaulquappen im Rexglas (1930)

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  1. Arthur Benda (1885–1969) was an Austrian photographer of German origin. Soon after moving to Vienna he began to work with Dora Kallmus (known as Madame D’Ora), a famous fashion and portrait photographer as her assistant. From 1927 he took over the studio of Kallmus (who left to Paris) and continued alone until 1965. In this period he was still taking portraits, but also photographed many nudes for men’s magazines worldwide.

    In 1930 he took a series of photographs in Lobau, a Vienna floodplain on a side of the Danube river. After the First World War, Lobau became popular as a recreation area. Crowds of Viennese have been going down there to bathe naked since 1920s (with a break in the Nazi period, when nudism was forbidden). Lobau is still one of the most frequented social nudity places within the borders of Vienna.

    I have found more pictures of this series that are relevant to pigtailsinpaint and translated their German captions:

    Two seated nudist children watching tadpoles in a jar [Rexglas is a popular trademark for jars in Austria]

    Two standing nudist children watching tadpoles in a jar [the same models as in the previous photograph]

    Two nudist children, late in the afternoon at the Donau river, a fishing boat with a lift fishing net [probably the same models as in the previous photographs]

    A nudist child playing in the sand, a toy shovel and a watering can

    A little nekkid Viennese kid practices carrying a parasol in Picasso-Gilot-Capa style [the caption refers to the classic snap by Robert Capa “Le temps retrouvé” portraying Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot http://www.beyondcriticism.com/14666/from-the-archive-wish-you-were-here-send-paint ]

    • Much obliged for all this research. I do often think of Pigtails not so much as my site, but belonging to the readers. It would be impossible for one person or a small group of people to dig up all this interesting information. Thanks again, -Ron

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