Maiden Voyages: April 2020

(Last Updated On April 2, 2020)

We at Pigtails hope all is well for our readers as we work through this Coronavirus pandemic and its concomitant fear. I have been taking advantage of this slow time to catch up on some personal projects. First of all, there is some interesting news on a couple of films that both really push the envelope.

The Products of Our Genius: The Trouble with Being Born was just released and is about an android which looks like a child (played by 10-year-old Lena Watson). There are strong suggestions of a romantic relationship played out behind the scenes which has triggered much discussion. Dealing with challenging subjects is one thing, but directors/producers have the additional dilemma of whether to use actual child actors and to what extent.

An Inside Look at Battling Demons: Tench (2019) was recently released in Europe (no news of a North America release) which deals outright with the struggles of a convicted pedophile released from prison due to lack of evidence. Based on the novel, Muidhond by Inge Schilperoord, the plot is about this man getting his life back on track complicated by a 10-year-old neighbor girl (Julia Brown) determined to be his friend.

Revelations: As a kind of Renaissance Man, my work on Pigtails is a small part of a much bigger inter-disciplinary picture. A few friends have suggested that I compose a treatise that puts these parts together for our readers in an attempt to understand the nature of girl-child allure. It is always hard to look at a blank page so I am getting the ball rolling by making a list of definitions in an attempt to frame how I will be handling the topic and its connection to other scholarly disciplines. When I am satisfied with my first pass, I will share a link to that page.

Expanding Database: The first phase of the films list has been completed. Now work is underway on the ‘Artists by Name’. So far, artists have been listed that were leads from our readers in the past few months in addition to artists covered in the Pigtails Library.

Science behind Lolicon Appeal?  On the one hand, it is an easy thing to say that the popularity of sexually-suggestive or explicit manga and anime is simple libido. That is certain a driving force, but it is also an oversimplification which does not take into account the interactions of mental processes and specific sensory cues. Coincidentally, an associate found a book, Understanding Loliism: A Grasp on Loli Appeal by Kai Wei, that seems to deal with this subject (I can’t vouch for how well since I haven’t read it). At first blush, it appears more of an explanation of how Loli culture developed and the form it has taken. I would be curious to hear from readers on how intelligently this book handles the subject and if anyone can recommend a book that tries to tackle the subject scientifically.

8 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: April 2020

  1. Regarding sociology behind the appeal of lolicons: I can recommend James Kincaid’s book Child-Loving: The Erotic Child and Victorian Culture, Routledge (1994), which contains some thorough and surprising analyses of our society’s (erotic) fascination with youth.
    About movies with little android girls: have you seen Alita, Battle Angel (2019), and what did you think of it?

  2. The Trouble with Being Born (I haven’t seen it yet) reminds me of another little girl android/”daddy” film, EVA (2011) which I am pretty sure you have seen.
    Another little girl android adult man intergen love story, though not sexual was Tomorrowland, a quite underrated movie.

      • Yes, I now remember commenting on it here (Eva) and listed a few suspend disbeliefs in order to enjoy the film.
        I don’t remember if you ever reviewed or commented on Tomorrowland. Though it was a subplot, the love the George Clooney character as a child and then as a grown up for the little girl robot permeates the movie. I actually she’d a few tears at the end of this “family” film.

  3. Also, a friend mentioned to me that the nudity in “The Trouble with Being Born” was done with CGI. That fact should be stated here.

    • That one is on our radar as can be seen from our film list. However, this one distinguishes itself by actually dealing head-on with the issue of romantic relationships with androids and the additional complication of said android appearing to be a child. Completely apart from the ethics and slippery slope arguments, there is the additional question of appeal of a child romantic partner, however contrived. Of course, it would be interesting to get more specifics from readers who will have actually seen the film.

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