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(Last Updated On May 25, 2022)

I will call the artist Girls Residence because that appears to be his preferred professional name in English.  Girls Residence is Japanese, and in the far east artists commonly use pseudonyms.  His artist’s name in Japanese is 伸長に関する考察. His Japanese name can be written in the Roman alphabet as “Shinchō ni Kansuru Kōsatsu”.  Fantia, a Japanese artist’s website, translates the name into English as “Consideration on Elongation”.  I think “Study of Growth” is a more natural sounding translation.  He also uses the German name Backfischalter. He specializes in drawings of girls, usually age 7 through 16 years old.

In Japan there has long been an interest in glamor and erotica featuring young girls.  Photography, including nude photography, of young girls was popular in Japan in the last part of the 20th century.  The photography could not legally include any sexual activity, but still aroused some controversy, and when the internet made these Japanese nude photos available to people in other countries, pressure was put on Japan to outlaw nude photography of minors.  It was outlawed in 1999, but drawings and paintings remained legal.  There are many artists in Japan who draw young girls in manga (comics) and anime (animated cartoons), but no other is quite like Girls Residence.

Girls Residence does not illustrate manga stories.  His drawings usually show girls in ordinary situations; at school, celebrating holidays, playing sports, at the pool, etc.  What makes him unique is that his girls are given a name, age, height, and weight.  His drawings realistically portray how a girl of the designated age and measurements would actually appear.  For example, the first illustration is a New Year’s greeting posted on Girls Residence’s page at Fantia.  The girl is Kana Hasegawa, a fictional character created by Girls Residence.  Kana is 10 years old, 135.8 cm tall, and weighs  31.4 kg.  The height and weight are realistic for a normal 10-year old Japanese girl.  Her clothing and hairstyle are also realistic for what a Japanese girl might wear on New Year’s Day 2020.  Although this is from a Japanese site, the greeting is in English.

Girls Residence – Happy New Year 2020

Girls Residence usually draws Japanese girls, but he sometimes draws girls of other races.  The following illustration compares a typical 11-year-old Japanese girl and a 12-year-old American girl.

Girls Residence – Haruka-chan (11) and Dororu Lelou (12) who came from the United States of the 1950s-2017

Girls Residence publishes his art on the Japanese websites Fantia and Pixiv.  He also creates art books of his illustrations. The following three pictures are the front covers of some of his books.  The first is the cover of Tiddlywinks.  The girl is Yuka Fujino (11 years old, 142.7cm tall, weight 31.2kg).  The next cover, of Puberties, features the Tachibana sisters Ayano (10yo / 140cm / 31.4 kg), and Ayaka (13yo / 153cm / 44.7kg).  Kana Hasegawa, the same girl that gave the New Year’s greeting for 2020, is on the cover of Morphology.  Even though these girls have names, all of the characters drawn by Girls Residence are fictional.

Girls Residence – Tiddlywinks Cover (2017)

Girls Residence – Puberties Cover 2019

Girls Residence – Morphology Cover (2019)

Most of Girls Residence’s pictures are rendered in at least two versions; one clothed and one nude.  Often there are other versions as well, such as in underwear and with or without suntan.  Most of the nude versions are available only to those who subscribe to the Girls Residence fanclub at Fantia, or to those who purchase his books.  To be fair to the artist I have not included any of those pictures in this post, but the following two pictures with nude versions are available free on his Pixiv page.  In the first picture, News of C91,  Kana Hasegawa on the right tells you where and when to find the site at the Comic Convention where they are selling Girls Residence’s art book Chrysalis.  Yuka Fujino on the left says that she looks forward to seeing you there.  The caption on the bottom informs the reader that the girls will not really be at the convention.  The next two illustrations appear in the book Chrysalis as well as the Pixiv site.  These show, from left to right, a 6th grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade girl in swimsuits and nude.  The title, I’m Sorry, seems strange.  Also notice that unlike most of Girls Residence’s variations, the eyes are shifted between the clothed and nude versions of both illustrations.

Girls Residence – News of C91 (uniforms) (2016)

Girls Residence – News of C91 (nude) (2016)

Girls Residence – I’m Sorry (swimsuit) (2016)

Girls Residence – I’m Sorry (nude) (2016)

On Pixiv, both News of C91 and I’m Sorry are as shown here; they are not censored. However, the picture I’m Sorry is censored in the book Chrysalis.  The pubic areas of the girls are pixilated in the book.  Censorship seems to be applied inconsistently by Japanese illustrators, including Girls Residence.  The Pixiv site is hosted in Japan.  Search for nude illustrations on that site, and you will find that some artists censor their pictures while others do not.  As far as I can tell, it appears to be left up to the discretion of the individual artist.  Girls Residence does not censor his work on Pixiv or Fantia, but he does censor it in all of his books.  The books are published and sold in Japan, so why would they have different standards of censorship for books than websites that are hosted in Japan?

In addition to his own art books, Girls Residence collaborates with Yasuda Juku (also known as Yasuda Yasuhiro) in producing educational books.  Yasuda writes the text for these books, while Girls Residence illustrates them.  Girls Residence uses a clean, realistic style which is well suited for educational pictures.  All necessary detail is shown with no areas in shadow as may occur in a photograph.  On the other hand, the illustrations are not cluttered with unnecessary detail that could distract the viewer.  The next two pictures are the front and back covers of  Growth and Development in Japanese Girls, Trends and Perspectives.  The girls on the covers are Ayaka Tachibana and Kana Hasegawa.

Girls Residence – Growth and Development Front Cover (2017)

Girls Residence – Growth and Development Back Cover (2017)

This is a very interesting book.  It contains 27 pages, in addition to the covers.  Fourteen pages contain only text, or text with graphs.  Four pages have both text and illustrations.  There are nine pages of illustrations with only minimal or no text.  Therefore, the main part of the book is text, with some illustrations to support the wording.  The book includes copious references to serious scientific and medical works, most in Japanese but some in English.  Viewing the book in isolation, it would appear to be primarily educational, with some artistic illustrations added as “medical contrivances”.  However, the book is promoted and sold in venues with other works of manga and hentai.  I have not been able to find it sold by vendors of medical, scientific, or educational books.

It is hard to classify Growth and Development in Japanese Girls, Trends and Perspectives as art or educational.  It, and the other collaborations of Girls Residence and Yasuda Juku are both. Yasuda Juku makes the following description of Growth and Development in Japanese Girls, Trends and Perspectives on his Fantia page.  I have used translate Google to translate it from Japanese: “[It is a] super sex education art book & essay with pictures by Consideration about Elongation. Based on medical knowledge and physical data, what is the difference between third graders, fourth graders, fifth graders, and sixth graders? Junior high school students? Menarche? What about pubic hair? How tall are they? Bust? [This book will] answer questions visually, such as. Girl physique that I want to deliver to everyone who draws girls.”

The following are Girls Residence illustrations for books by Yasuda Juku.  The cover of Child Health and Physical Education features Lisa (10yo/144cm/36kg/B2/Ph2), Kana Hasegawa and Ayaka Tachibana.  Four girls on the cover of Child Sexual Education are Yurina Yamashina (14yo / 155.6cm / 48.1kg / B4 / Ph4), Mana Onodera (7yo / 118.6cm / 22.2kg / B1 / Ph1), Kana Hasegawa (10yo / 135.8cm / 31.4kg / B2 / Ph1), and Aoi Yoshikawa (16yo / 157.3cm / 51.6kg / B5 / Ph5).  The next illustration shows Kana Hasegawa and Rena Okazaki  (9yo/130cm/27.3kg/B1/Ph1) announcing a lecture by Yasuda Juku about his book Child Sexual Education.  Why are Kana and Rena wearing fox ears to announce a lecture?

Girls Residence – Child Health and Physical Education Cover (2018)

Girls Residence – Child Sexual Education (2017)

Girls Residence – Lecture Announcement (2017)

The next illustration is a sample page posted by the manga bookseller Toranoana from the book Sixth Grade Elementary School Picture Book by Yasuda Juku, illustrated by Girls Residence.  The girl is Nozomi Naruse (12yo / 144.9cm / 34.0kg / B2 / Ph1).  The text explains that she is often mistaken for a fifth grade student because she is smaller and less developed than most sixth graders.  The table at the bottom of the page gives her measurements.

Girls Residence – Fifth Grade Elementary School Record Sample Page (2019)

The final three pictures are  a few of Girls Residence works that I find particularly pleasing.  The first shows Haruka Inoue (11yo / 142.7cm / 34.8kg / B3 / Ph1) and Ayano Tachibana (10yo / 140cm / 31.4 kg) modeling their school uniforms.   The second shows Kana and Haruka ready for Halloween, and the last shows Girls Residence marching band with Rena Okazaki (9yo / 130cm / 27.3kg / B1 / Ph1) playing the fife, Kana Hasegawa (10yo / 135cm / 30.2kg / B2 / Ph1) as drum major, and Ayano Tachibana (10yo / 140cm / 31.4 kg / B2 / Ph1) on the drum.

Girls Residence – Classroom girls (2018)

Girls Residence – Girls Who Want Candy (2017)

Girls Residence – Extracurricular Activities Cover Drawing (2018)

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  1. If you compare nude pictures with corresponding non-nude versions, you can see that facial expressions are actually different. Nude ones seem to be a bit… nervous. I’m pretty sure it is intentional.

  2. I tried to look for these at the websites in question and I couldn’t get anything – at Pixiv I put in “Girls Residence” for the search and found a entry under that name, but with no content (it said “no works”). Likewise under his name Shincho ni Kansuru Kosatsu. I couldn’t figure out how to use the Fantia website – any advise? Instructions would be helpful!

  3. Really curious.
    Girls Residence’s style reminds to me the style of an excellent manga illustrator called Katsura Masakazu, author of worldwide mangas like “DNA2”, “I”s” and “Video Girl Ai”.
    Even manga enthusiasts considered girls drawings bt Katsura as the most realistic among manga specialists.

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