Maiden Voyages: March 2020

(Last Updated On May 10, 2022)

Thanks go to Christian for putting up the 9-year-old anniversary post last month.

The Madness Continues: There is a new item regarding the controversial portrayal of girls through the medium of anime. This time, it is a motion in the Australian parliament.

Fond Memories: One of our readers who does video interviews on YouTube has taken an interest in the participants of the High Feather TV series introduced in a post by RJ. Here is a link to a recent interview with Terence Taylor, the associate producer of the show. It is the hope of the interviewer to eventually reach more of the High Feather cast as well.

A Six-Year-Old Menace? One of my associates forwarded this item about a police officer who found it necessary to bind first grader Kaia Rolle’s hands together and put her in a police car. There is also coverage from The Guardian which requires registration to view the entire article.

2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: March 2020

  1. Eromanga Sensei is in my anime collection. It contains no images whatsoever of “child sexual abuse”, so Sterling Griff is lying in his teeth. It is also amusing, interesting, and on balance a compassionate account of two siblings who are trying to get along. The older boy writes manga scripts; the younger girl illustrates them, and the plot hinge is that the former does not know that the latter is his illustrator.

    But your readers can judge for themselves, since the whole series is available online at Chia Anime.

    Most of my anime was acquired over the counter in Singapore. That is not a liberal society, but it is a sane one. It understands that drawings of children are not real children, that fantasy is not reality, and that people who cannot tell the difference are in serious need of therapy.

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