With All Due Modesty: Marc Riboud

(Last Updated On May 25, 2022)

A reader sent me these images by Marc Riboud (1923–2016) from a 1955 issue of Camera. Although he was not known for his photographs of children, Riboud did capture these two spontaneous shots.

Marc Riboud -Two Girls (c1955)

A strong wind was blowing but that did not phase them. They were so interested in their game of make-believe, they were not even aware when I took this picture and a few others at the same time. -Marc Riboud for Camera Magazine (1955)

The two girls below were pupils in a children’s home.

Marc Riboud – Girls After Swimming (c1955)

They had been bathing and had just come out to put on their clothes. In their modesty, they stood back to back so as not to embarrass one another. -Marc Riboud for Camera Magazine (1955)

I know Pip did a post on the above image but I thought it would be nice to have some the artist’s commentary to go with it. -Ron

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