Random Images: Willi Gunthart

(Last Updated On May 25, 2022)

Willi Gunthart was a Swiss photographer featured in a 1955 issue of Camera. It is possible that this artist is the same one referred to as Willi Günthart  “also” known for his award-winning poster designs, especially of plant life. Perhaps someone can take a careful look and confirm or refute this conjecture.

Whatever the case, the photographer here took some lovely shots of naked little girls in a garden. The idea was to capture the Victorian sensibility in composition and execution.

These consciously sentimental images owe their charm and freshness to the courage of a twentieth century photographer in reviving an older convention. Interestingly, some such revival has dominated a great deal of fashion photography in the U.S. where the large camera studio techniques of the Victorian portraits have been used to intensify the often vapid subject matter of the fashion magazines. – Camera Magazine (1955)

Willi Gunthart – Girls in a Garden (1) (c1955)

Willi Gunthart – Girls in a Garden (2) (c1955)

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