Random Images: Mathieu Faria-Fernandes

(Last Updated On January 7, 2020)

Mathieu Faria-Fernandes is a recent entry into the world of photography having only begun in 2010. There is not much about this artist except that he is exhilarated to capture the images of real people:

I started taking photographs in 2010, I get inspired by true people who give me the opportunity to catch their soul. The world is a great playground, and I can not wait to do it again … -From his website (2011)

Mathieu Faria-Fernandes – The little girl with bewitching eyes (2011)

I find images of children behind fences is so very compelling and loaded with symbolism. Not only are children somewhat segregated from the adult world, but since they are largely powerless in our society, the child’s body is a kind of prison until they finally grow up. And yet, through their eyes, one can see there is a living, breathing sentience.

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