Maiden Voyages: January 2020

(Last Updated On May 10, 2022)

Happy New Year to you all!

Nymphets in the Movies: A little while back I mentioned a book that had an extensive listing of coming-of-age girls in film (It was quite disappointing and I won’t even dignify it by mentioning its name here). But alas, there are others out there making a more serious effort and, at long last, one can purchase Quilty’s Guide to Nymphets in the Movies (2019). This publication has been a long time coming. Attempts to published in the past have failed mainly due to its controversial focus.This is a no-holds-barred coverage of over 1000 films dated up to the year 2000.

For some in our hyper-refined culture, garb is an important part of their response to a female … So I have added ‘fashion’ notes for anyone with an interest in costume (10% of the films include school uniforms), including the occasional panty flash. Such notations are for those who share my puerile enthusiasm for frippery, others may skip gaily ahead. Not everyone will share my toleration of wretched movies hoping for a glimpse of stocking-top or flash of drawers. -From the Introduction to Quilty’s Guide to Nymphets in the Movies

In the Introduction, there is a detailed history of the project so readers will know that this was not just thrown together hastily. And although the author admits to not having seen every single film listed, Quilty has watched a great deal of them including many that cannot even be purchased on DVD today. There is always some subjectivity in what to include so teenage movies have been mostly excluded unless the girl in question also did earlier work in TV or magazines. Quilty also professes a passion for the work of undeservedly obscure actresses whose film careers have been completely forgotten. Some bad films have been deliberately included as well to help readers steer clear.

So if you want an extensive list of nymphet films that has more than a perfunctory summary of the plot, order your copy of Quilty’s Guide to Nymphets in the Movies at

Quilty’s Guide (cover) (2019)

How to Marginalize Small Organizations: A disturbing article about the ownership of .org domains came to my attention. There is every chance that if this sale goes through organizations like Pigtails in Paint will not be able to use the .org suffix. This has not yet been stated explicitly, but the fact of the matter is that large money-making enterprises have a tendency to err on the side of caution and so, at some point, Pigtails will become an embarrassment and be cut off—all perfectly legal, of course. There is a protest movement so there is still time to make yourself heard at SaveDotOrg.

Too Hot to Handle: It seems appropriate during the new year to summarize my findings about Steff Gruber’s Passion Despair. I have been looking for a copy of this film for a few years now and I have asked readers to inquire into its status. A lot of details have trickled in over the past year and I think I can come to a conclusion as to what is happening. The production of this film caused a stir and possible legal complications because it surrounds the ethics of exploiting young girls for commercial gain. As explained in the press kit, Gruber’s interest is purely academic (as is mine), but that does not stop others from making accusations of sinister intent. The dilemma is that we do not live in a perfect world. The girls in question live in Transnistria (ethnic Russians) which is politically part of Moldova (ethnic Romanians). The argument is that the political dynamics of this region and the poverty of the area means that modeling affords the girls an opportunity to earn some money and break up the monotony of life there. I have therefore concluded that this film will not be made available to the general public for at least a few years until this whole thing blows over.

Thank You for Your Support: I wish to thank the Prostasia Foundation for covering the police debacle over our publishing of Debbie Dreschler images. With the current witch-hunt mentality, it is critical that law enforcement be kept under public scrutiny and not allowed to overstep their bounds.

Who Stands for the Underdog? Lost in the shuffle over the Dreschler images fiasco, I forgot to mention that there is an organization dedicated to the legal defense of comic book art, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF). I encourage readers interested in this cause to become members and to help keep them apprised of the latest developments with Pigtails.

Our Expanding Database: One of the reasons there have not been a lot of new posts is because I am building up the site’s public database. Recently, the list of movies (and other films) has been updated and I am currently working on the list of ‘Artists by Name’. There are also images that need identification currently found on ‘Little Orphan Images’ (I will be adding a lot more soon). There are also a number of transcriptions and other goodies also found in our archive. It occurs to me that those who are less technically savvy are not aware of these pages and don’t know to get to them (also, there is some confusion over the use of the word ‘archive’). Therefore, I have added a screenshot showing how to access these pages. Please play with these pull-down menus so that you may explore this site fully. I have made completing the database a higher priority given the ongoing looming danger of being shut down.

5 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: January 2020

  1. In comment to ‘too hot to handle’, will it blow over in a few years anyway, that is not longer too hot too handle? The problems made around child nude, even nudistic and artistic and in sex education for youth, it is almost too hot to handle even without the difficulties of Transnistrian life. No?

    • I think it is understood that not only attitudes might change but the models and photographers in question will have moved on to other things and will no longer be subject to police harassment. The business about Transnitrian life (and that could certainly apply to many regions) is the ethical argument being made here. I know many will not agree with the argument no matter what the conditions. -Ron

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