Random Scenes: Yes, Minister

(Last Updated On December 19, 2019)

There are a few occasional gems out there but, for the most part, the quality of television programs have generally declined over the years. The use of study groups and electronic surveys have contributed to a mentality of appealing to the lowest common denominator for the most part.

One of my favorite “older” programs is a British series called Yes, Minister (1980, Yes, Prime Minister in the third season). It is about a fictional Minister of Administrative Affairs and his learning about the intrigue of Whitehall power politics. The details are remarkably true-to-life; the producers have really done their homework here. And although this kind of inside knowledge would tend to make one despondent and cynical, the situations create ample fodder for humor.

There is one episode that I felt had to appear on Pigtails. The kissing of babies is an old cliché of politicians pandering to voters hoping to garner some popular appeal. Equally, photo opportunities with children or cute animals works as well. In this regard, Minister Hacker is shameless as he makes a visit to a city farm to once again stand in the public spotlight.

Probably most readers of this blog find babies and children delightful but many people are frank in their dislike. Common complaints are that they are they are sticky, noisy and make a mess of things. In the following scene, we see Minister Hacker competing with a little girl (unidentified) for the camera’s attention.

Yes, Minister - The Quality of Life (1981)

Of course, another sign of the times is that one no longer sees politicians taking the risk of having strange little girls sit on their lap!

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