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(Last Updated On May 25, 2022)

I reckon that no matter what one’s creative inclinations, one still has to pay the bills. And so artists without independent means must make a compromise that strives to show off their talents while having some kind of commercial appeal. Therefore, it is often difficult to find commercial photographers who have real talent and are not just competent technicians gaming the system. Gunilla Lundström’s photos have a candid charm that nonetheless shows a distinct personality outside the domain of commercial formulae.

Gunilla Lundström – A Girl Having a Bath (Date Unknown)

This image had an earlier title of Big Feet which perhaps is not as salable as a stock photo whose reproduction rights can now be purchased. I feel the change in title has taken some of the personality away because insecurity about one feature or another is a mainstay of growing up. For those unfamiliar with the more technical aspects of anatomy and physiology you should should be interested to learn that when children begin to grow into their adult dimensions, it is the hands and feet that enlarge first before the more centrally located bones in the body. I expect that many girls have been needlessly self-conscious about their hands and feet until the rest of the body catches up. This image kind of makes a statement by exaggerating this feature.

Lundström has photographed many children and seems to have enjoyed doing so but one little girl in particular stimulated her artistic spirit and became her muse:

I saw her during a photography assignment at a school.
She stood out from the crowd.
Her expression and her energy.
I was curious.
So was she.
Now I can follow her journey through childhood and adolescence.
Her name is Kaya.

I think readers will agree that this girl has real character and Lundström should be commended for finding her and sharing her with us. Take a look at Kaya.

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  1. I appreciate the photographers that select particular people based on their character. Clearly this girl made an impression on Lundström and she wanted to showcase that. Her description is like a poem (if that isn’t obvious already) and the work shows the effects that children can have on others.

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