Maiden Voyages: September 2019

(Last Updated On September 3, 2019)

Slipping through the Cracks: In the past month, it has become necessary to move the site over to a new server. It was hoped that this would be a seamless transition, but there are always some glitches when attempting something like this. As a result, some comments placed during a critical time may have slipped through the cracks. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Beauty is a Two-Edged Sword: Every so often media pundits step forward with a new “most beautiful girl in the world” claim. Inevitably this leads to some superficial debate about the nature of beauty and the science, if any, behind it. In this case, the hype is about a pair of stunning twins, Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements. There is good coverage of the story on the UniversityFox website written by Leila Odinaiv which also attempts to offer some sound science as well. These girls are a hot ticket right now so readers will have no problem finding out the latest information on these girls, their parents and the ethical debate now taking place on the internet.

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