Random Scenes: The Big Bang Theory

(Last Updated On May 25, 2022)

It may be covering well-trodden ground to mention a TV series of this popularity, but I really get a kick out of this scene and the fact that the TV viewing public is able to comprehend the humor of the situation says something about today’s society.

For those who have not seen the series, The Big Bang Theory is kind of a coming-of-age story about a set of socially-awkward, geeky scientists. The most socially arrested of the bunch is Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a theoretical scientist. In a Season 2 episode, he realizes that to get something he wants, he has to suck up to one of his colleagues and goes on a quest to figure out how to master making friends. Naturally, he tries to do this using book learning and the results are quite amusing.

[KGVID width=”426″ height=”240″]https://pigtailsinpaint.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Chuck-Lorre-Bill-Prady-et-al-Big-Bang-Theory-The-Friendship-Algorithm-2009.mp4[/KGVID]

The premise is interesting. Sheldon in his own social innocence sees no problem in making friends with a little girl (Rebecca played by Jade Zdanow) while his roommate understands the potential hazards and whisks him away from the scene. Zdanow also starred in a short film, Specifically (2010), in which she and a little boy play out a Bergmanesque marriage scenario.

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