Maiden Voyages: May 2019

(Last Updated On May 11, 2022)

The Pigtails Film Database: I am pleased to announce that the first 400 films or so kept in the Pigtails archive are posted on the ‘Pipeline Films’ page. The task was quite daunting as there were so many entries to list. I also had to come up with a consistent scheme since there were so many films not produced or dubbed in English. Films with an asterisk mean that we are still looking for a digital copy of that film. Also, I have only seen one or two percent of the films so I am taking it on faith that readers have sent legitimate leads and not used poor judgment or mentioned films in which the girl does not have a integral or compelling part in the film. Films in which a girl appears in short scenes will be reviewed in a future ‘Random Scenes’ post while more substantial roles will be given dedicated posts. There is often the question of a cut-off age for Pigtails coverage. There is no such definitive age but films about more mature adolescent girls will not be reviewed here but will remain on the database for the readers’ reference. The current layout is preliminary as there are still the wish list items and those films that have already been reviewed on this site to list. Finally, readers will have a better idea of what we have, what we know about and what we don’t. Readers are urged to follow up with interesting details or concerns about films that should not have been listed on the Pigtails database.

Can Child Protection and Freedom of Expression Co-Exist? The problem with most so-called child protection organizations is that they take a simplistic zero-tolerance approach which very often does more harm than good. Also, their attitude and approach often calls into question their own motivations. I received an interesting email last month from someone in the Prostasia Foundation. Their approach is to remain focused on issues of personal freedom while discussing (and providing feedback) on real ways to protect children. This organization is interested in covering issues from the perspective of the artistic community, and so has reached out to find those interested in contributing an article for their blog or even engaging in a video interview for their podcast. In fact, I have just been informed that there will be an item published soon contributed by an art photographer. I have taken a preliminary look at their site and have so far been impressed with the caliber of the discussion/articles and their political involvement. I recommend readers concerned with overzealous censorship take a look at this organization and either a) inform me of any red flags I may have overlooked or b) take this opportunity to get involved.

Climate Warriors: It appears that school children are taking a stand and striking for the cause of real climate action. It began with 15-year-old Greta Thunberg of Sweden and has since gained some political traction. Read more here.

Good Friends: A reader sent a link to a charming video of a 6-year-old Indian girl named Pooja as she went about her day with her special friend Shanti. Check it out.

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