Maiden Voyages: March 2019

(Last Updated On May 11, 2022)

That was a short month!

More WordPress Censorship Woes: Many readers of Pigtails are also readers of the Agapeta blog run by Christian. I have been informed that that site has been shut down due to (surprise, surprise) violations of the WP “Terms of Service”. Christian has made an inquiry for more details but is expecting the usual response that the site promotes pedophilia, sexualizes children or contains unacceptable nudity. Fortunately, all the articles (but not necessarily the images) are carefully archived on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. We will keep you informed when Christian makes a more definitive decision on how he wants to proceed. One possibility is that some of the items appropriate for Pigtails may be kept here. Christian has backups of all articles and images so there is not permanent loss of information.

Coming-of-Age Paradigm: An associate located an interesting book quite relevant to Pigtails readers, The Definitive Guide to Girls in Coming of Age Movies 2018 by Carl Wo. According to the author, over 800 films are reviewed including indie films and short films. When I receive my copy, we will find out what gaps exist in our own archive. There certain to be many examples as our index only includes 400+ films of which only a fraction are coming-of-age movies. [Warning: Please take note of the comments below before deciding to spend money on this item.]

Beloved Illustrator of Children’s Books Dies: On February 8th, Tomi Ungerer died in his sleep in his home in Cork, Ireland. Reportedly, his creative energies were active even into his late years and was working on a new collection of short stories when he passed away. Read more details about this remarkable artist on his official website.

It Doesn’t End with Social Media: Amanda from The Samantha Gates Archive informs me that the censorship does not end with companies like Facebook and Instagram. The general consensus about the portrayal of little girls extends even to academic institutions, namely universities and museums. One of the reasons Amanda has managed a bonanza of Samantha material is that institutions are eager to have these items removed from their collections. Not willing to take the extreme measure of destroying the materials outright, at least they have managed to find a home where they will be appreciated.

The Trouble with Gymnasts: It is well-known that whereas men have more strength than women, women are more limber and can show off their virtuosity in doing the splits. The trouble (as you may have guessed) is that some will consider such displays sexual and inappropriate, especially for young girls. The situation is not helped by ambitious coaches trying to get their protegés some media attention by teaching them how to play to the camera in a seductive way. A case in point is this video of Lilliana Ketchman, a talented 6-year-old. I am not saying that this glitzy production is necessarily over the top, but I do think it sufficiently illustrates the way capitalist forces and the concomitant desire for fame needlessly pushes gymnasts toward more sensational and vulgar displays.

12 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: March 2019

  1. I filled an enquiry on the WP “Contact form for suspended content and sites” on March the 1st, then again on the 6th, but got no reply. The URL for my “gravatar” now just says:
    We’re sorry, that profile has been removed as spam.
    Perhaps you’d like to log in or sign up for an account?

    When you have a free blog at WP, you are just tolerated, and if you displease them, they just crush your blog like a bug, without a word.

    The list of URLs of Agapeta posts is stored here, you can then enter the one you want in the Wayback Machine’s query form:
    The images are not always saved, but the text is complete. I saved also the monthly pages. To see a page with all posts of say January 2015, you put in the query form Agapeta‘s address followed by /2015/01 (without space between).

    I am discussing with Lester on the possibly of hosting a new blog at his company. Probably it will have a new name, and will be more focussed on poetry, essays and songs, then all eligible articles from Agapeta will be revised and updated before appearing there.

  2. I was shocked and saddened by the removal of Agepeta. It was a nice companion site to Pigtails. I especially liked the articles about Minou Drouet and similar literary posts. Since even (non sexual) simple child nudity has been upheld by the US Supreme Court, photography as well as art works, how dare a hosting site remove 1st Amendment protected material that is obviously not sexual or pornographic and shut down that site without due process.
    Maybe it’s about time for like minded blogs and websites to band together and do their own web hosting! Then no more puritanical control by the powers that be. While not condoning intellectual theft, how can sites like The Pirate Bay and YTS AG remain up and running (most of the time) and sites like Agapeta get the boot?

    • I share your sentiments, but those free accounts need to be very low maintenance and companies like WordPress do not want any trouble. The thing is that even though we have the right to self-expression, that does mean companies are required to allow it. Anyway for now, there is at least one safe haven with Rainbow Digital Media which we are currently using and perhaps others should consider as well. -Ron

      • Hopefully Agepeta will be able to reboot on Rainbow??
        It was a very informative website that should not be allowed to just disappear and become just another archived casualty of cowardly web hosting companies.

  3. This book was actually recommended to me by a friend. I bought it and was quite honestly disappointed by it. The list is incomplete and missing some key films and books. Most of what is listed is naturist movies that have nothing to do with coming of age.

  4. I just lost my Flickr account for “TOS” violations.

    No nudity in the “Public” photos… though I did get a few fetishists looking at my little relatives’ bare feet!… let ’em look…

    Or the “Friend” level photos… those included clear shots of faces, that I kept in that category for privacy’s sake…

    The “Family” level… some bare bottom “bathtub”-type pics… less revealing than that “Manneken Pis” statue…

    So… censorship and prudery strike so many pictures that contain no humans at all…

    • To ExGeeEye:
      There is unfortunately a similar situation with YouTube. If someone posts an innocent video of their child standing in the bathtub, or happily romping around naked in the backyard sprinkler, it will probably be taken down for violating YouTube’s “Community Standards”.

  5. I am very surprised to learn the news about Agapeta.
    I had thought that WordPress was particularly “liberal” about such matters. I wonder if WordPress was feeling the heat from the powers who are now in control here in the United States.

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