Ewa Ludwiczak

(Last Updated On May 25, 2022)

Ewa Ludwiczak is a professional artist based in Berlin, Germany. Born in Nowa Sol, Poland in 1988, she always loved to draw. At the age of 19 she moved to Germany and started studying at a private art school, learning the importance of drawing.

She mostly expresses herself through watercolour painting, but she also practices drawing, in particular for storybook illustration. She frequently paints nude adult women, but she also painted or drew portraits of various people, in particular children.

I present below a selection of nine portraits of girls, downloaded from her blog. I start with my two favourite ones. See here the beauty of a smile enhanced by the harmony of colours: tawny eyes, tawny hair, pink face and a pink dress with tawny shades, how lovely!

Ewa Ludwiczak - Girl in a Pink Dress

Ewa Ludwiczak – Girl in a Pink Dress (2014)

The beautiful eyes, soft nose and mouth, impressive forehead and lovely hair of this little girl fascinate me.

Ewa Ludwiczak - Little Girl

Ewa Ludwiczak – Little Girl (2015)

In the next painting, the blue dress and the dark blue background highlight the sadness in the girl’s eyes.

Ewa Ludwiczak - Little Girl in a Blue Dress

Ewa Ludwiczak – Little Girl in a Blue Dress (2018)

Now a gorgeous little girl, all dressed up in white, with a majestic white hat.

Ewa Ludwiczak - White Hat

Ewa Ludwiczak – White Hat (2014)

In the following portrait, the pink face gets reflected on the pink dress … or is it the other way around? The wide open eyes seem to open on a world of mysteries and secrets.

Ewa Ludwiczak - Girl in Shadows

Ewa Ludwiczak – Girl in Shadows (2018)

Here the girl’s resolute look gives the meaning of her folded arms: she says ‘no.’ The harmony of her brown hair, her brown dress and the brownish background enhance that effect.

Ewa Ludwiczak - Girl with folded arms

Ewa Ludwiczak – Girl with folded arms (2014)

Now, the dripping paint bottom right seems to prolong the stripes of the dress.

Ewa Ludwiczak - Striped Dress

Ewa Ludwiczak – Striped Dress (2015)

This girl’s white dress fades into the background, and the top of her hat seems to melt like ice cream.

Ewa Ludwiczak - Blue Hat

Ewa Ludwiczak – Blue Hat (2016)

Here both the girl and her doll have brown hair with a few red strokes.

Ewa Ludwiczak - Girl with a Doll

Ewa Ludwiczak – Girl with a Doll (2016)

Many works by Ewa Ludwiczak can be seen on her blog and on her personal website. The latter also contains a brief presentation of the artist, and some of her works can be bought there. She is also on Facebook and Instagram.

3 thoughts on “Ewa Ludwiczak

  1. Great article, Christian. I’ve always hated working in watercolors myself, but anyone who has mastered it as a medium has my respect and admiration.

    • Another great post Christian! I love the old fashioned clothing. Pip, If you are interested in fantastic watercolor art, look up Brian Rood. All of his paintings are in watercolor and they are phenomenal. He doesn’t really children, in fact most of his work is based around the Star Wars franchise, but it is definitely worth looking at.

    • Thanks, Pip. I found out about that artist because on WP.com I followed an art history blog, and the latter re-blogged some posts from her blog. The first five images, and the the eighth, were also re-blogged in Agapeta.

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