Ariane Conte

(Last Updated On May 25, 2022)

I present today the last painting that I acquired from Carré d’artistes (see my articles on Alexandre Lamotte, Delphine Blais, and Michèle Baron). In April 2016, I bought “Passé présent” (‘Past present’), a 13cm × 13cm mixed media creation by a young French artist, Ariane Conte.

A high-resolution photograph of this work shows the irregularities of the painting on the girl’s face, so I reduced it to a relatively small size:

Ariane Conte - Passé présent

Ariane Conte – Passé présent

Ariane Conte studied graphic arts in Marseille. She lives in the countryside of the Tarn department in southern France. According to her resume in Carré d’artistes:

Ariane likes to think “all things, plants, animals, humans, elements and materials are connected and discuss together.” This conviction is found at the centre of her artistic reflection and practice.

The technique and base that she chooses for each her works are meant to be in coherence and harmony with the subject represented. In particular she recycles various types of materials. As written in her resume:

As such, she “chooses glass etching to talk about the cold, decayed wood to pay homage to the shipwrecked and coloured paper to talk about a child.”

Women and girls are frequent subjects in her works.

I show here her profile photograph from her Facebook page:

(Unknown photographer) – Ariane Conte at work

Her website on Wix (in French) presents her artistic philosophy. It contains also three galleries, a first one with drawings or paintings on wood or canvas, a second one with illustrations on paper, and a third one with volumes (low relief, engraving, sculpture).

Much of her work is reproduced on her Facebook page. She has also been featured on Art Vistar, a French website devoted to presenting artist from the Tarn department.

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