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(Last Updated On May 26, 2022)

With the continuing advance of technology, there are always new ways to express one’s artistic intentions. The irony here is that this artist should use such technology to convey a message that makes us contemplate our own humanity.

The ‘Nu du Ciel’ series of nudes were shot from a camera-mounted drone popular these days with techno-geeks and scenes were set up on the ground to create amusing compositions normally observed from a perpendicular view. Included is this one charming shot of two children. I recommend taking a look at this installation; it will make you chuckle.

Jonathan Pasqué – Nu du Ciel 3 (2018)

Pasqué shares his thoughts about the significance of nudes on his website. Here’s an excerpt translated into English thanks to Christian.

We never stay indifferent in front of a nude. Sculpture, engraving, painting, photography, no matter the form, the nude attracts the eye. Certainly because man is a sexual being. But how to innovate in this art that has gone through the ages? By propelling it precisely in the air of time, in the era of drones! … These nude bodies seen from the sky, staged in varied landscapes, put in light all the beauty and richness of our planet. Their nudity is like an echo to the fragility of our environment. To remind us that, if the earth still has the look of Eden, it is time for us to change our lifestyles and consumption if we want to safeguard this true paradise …

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  1. Some of the pictures definitely made me chuckle more than others. I particularly liked the one of the two people lying on the tennis court.

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