Random Images: Nadezhda Kornienko

(Last Updated On May 29, 2022)

One of our readers made this interesting submission of a painting located at the The First City Clinical Hospital in Moscow. Perhaps one of our readers with some expertise in Russian painting can tell us more. I am told that it is hanging in the foyer of the reception room in Building 5.


Nadezhda Kornienko – In the Palace of Culture Ballet Class (1956)

[180717] I really love the teamwork here. Arizona did a reverse lookup on the image and found out the name of the artist and the particular piece. Christian confirmed which is the best quality image online used to replace the original submitted photo here. And another reader says that the one hanging in the hospital mentioned above is not the original, but a good copy. -Ron

2 thoughts on “Random Images: Nadezhda Kornienko

  1. After doing a reverse image search I found this image is most likely painted by Nadezhda Kornienko and is called In the Palace of Culture Ballet Class (1956).
    Not an expert in Russian so someone else more knowledgeable about Russian art should continue the search.
    Here are the links –

    • По отсутствию подписи на картине, и по некоторым отличиям, можно судить что это хорошая копия картины Надежды Корниенко.
      By the absence of a signature in the picture, and by some differences, one can judge that this is a good copy of the picture by Nadezhda Kornienko.

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