A Little Sketch by René Iché

(Last Updated On May 30, 2022)

There’s already a post at Pigtails on French artist René Iché, who was primarily known for his sculptural work. But I had to share this lovely little sketch, which appears to be unfinished. I myself have lots of these sorts of unfinished sketches lying around in my studio, just quick studies that aren’t intended to amount to anything and were mainly done just to get my creative juices flowing. I suspect this was something similar, a nice quick look into the artist’s process.

René Iché – Étude d’une fillette nue [1931]

2 thoughts on “A Little Sketch by René Iché

    • I don’t know. I rather like the unfinished sketchy quality of it. Perhaps it would be nice though if we had the same sketch in various stages of completion.

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