Random Images: An Iconic Ad?

(Last Updated On June 17, 2022)

Although we have a backlog of images and artists to share, it is really nice when a fan shares something I have not seen before. Also, I like showing my appreciation by posting those as soon as possible so that our readers don’t just think their contributions are going unnoticed. The next few random images come from one of our biggest supporters. He lives in Mexico and has come up with some items from Central and South America.

I had to agree with him that this felt like an iconic ad but no one else had submitted this image and attempts to find out more using the ‘Little Orphan Images’ page got no response. I am glad to finally be able to present it here and the contributor was gracious enough to translate the poetry into English.

Vinylia ad (1986)

This ad appeared in Mexico in the late 1980s advertising floor coverings.

Footsteps are soft,
Sky is quiet,
I leave my ice cream and feel so amazed.
I do not feel any heat or cold at all under my feet.
I breathe so deeply, ramble and think, “I am so happy!”
-Vinylia Ad (1986) translated by the contributor.

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