Maiden Voyages: March 2018

(Last Updated On May 13, 2022)

The end of February does seem to sneak up on us.  There is actually very little to report at the moment.  But there is one item from our technical crew.

Yet Another Form of Censorship? We have been through a lot over the years: all kinds of tactics to shut us down. The past few months, I have been getting reports from readers about search engines not producing results from Pigtails. Part of the problem was the switch to the .org domain name and clearing out the old legacy links, but the problem persists.  It took many weeks to get Google to actually index the site, but as yet Bing is still showing the main site map as ‘Pending’ from last year.  Since this is an automated process, it seems this could only be due to censorship which they are denying. “It just takes time”, they say. Since this blog has been around a while, there are now a lot of dead links which is another complaint from the indexers.  I am now working on removing or revising those. There seems also to be some tampering with the indexing system itself.  For example, a blog should only have its individual posts or pages indexed, but both Google and Bing are showing index pages such as ‘tag’ and ‘category’ and then complaining about duplicate content! It does not appear that any other site using the WordPress software is encountering this difficulty. Currently, our technicians are manually putting in ‘no follow’ links on those trouble areas so that only the individual articles appear.

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