The Soul Within: Christina Bothwell

(Last Updated On January 25, 2018)

Christian recently brought this artist to my attention. At first blush, many of the sculptures seem to show an idyllic and intimate scene of innocent little girls.

Christina Bothwell and Robert Bender – Secret Life of Girls (2014-15)

Christina Bothwell – Little Friends (2016)

Yet there is something eerie about these pieces as well. A survey of her other work reveals why. Most peculiar are a series of sculptures of a girl in the presence of her disembodied soul.

Christina Bothwell – When the body sleeps (2003-06)

Christina Bothwell – When You’re Sleeping (2007-09)

Since I was very young, I have been fascinated with the concept of the Soul… the idea that the physical body represents only a small part of our beingness. I am always interested in trying to express the that we are more than just our bodies …

Christina Bothwell was born in New York City, spending her youth in towns and cities until finally realizing that she needed to be immersed in nature. She now lives in rural Pennsylvania with her husband and three young children. She says glass gives her the same versatility of other sculptural media with the added feel of an “inner space” augmented by the special way it transmits light. She is currently exploring the idea of metamorphosis by incorporating one figure inside another as though the figure were “pregnant” with its own life affirming potential.

Christina Bothwell – Bow (2012-13)

Christina Bothwell – Bees (2014-15)

Bothwell considers nature the main source of her inspiration and finds it a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of life. This attitude is apparent in many of her pieces and the juxtaposition of human an animal elements give her work a mythic dimension.

Christina Bothwell and Robert Bender – Dream Within A Dream (2016)

Christina Bothwell – Sweet Candour (2014-15)

Christina Bothwell – Mermaid (2007-09)

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