Random Images: Ferdinando Scianna

(Last Updated On June 21, 2018)

This may not seem like a holiday card at first glance, but I wanted to share this festive postcard greeting Christian sent me.

Ferdinando Scianna – Ballerines (2006)

This postcard was distributed through Magnum Photos in France.

3 thoughts on “Random Images: Ferdinando Scianna

  1. Thanks for answering me Ron…its a pleasure, well when I saw this photo, I remembered it from the sequence that Scianna did, with his daughter (Nanà or Eleonora, that is her full name) dancing on this same stage…actually I mixed up this dark haired girl with her, because on some different photos (Nanà) is with short hair too but this is her sequence on the stage…
    On his patch of photos on ProMagnum, you can encounter more photos of her as Nanà or Eleonora, that he did of her in their home:like dancing in the living room, in Family trips that Scianna did with her and his second wife (Paola) …but he has two older daughters (Francesca and Fernanda) from his first marriage, who were his ”Little Muses” before Nanà …

  2. Hello Ron and all from Pigtails website…this photograph from the Great Italian photographer Scianna…is from his younger daughter Nanà (the second little girl with dark hair from L to R) …

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