Maiden Voyages: October 2017

(Last Updated On May 13, 2022)

I wish to thank Pip, Arizona and Christian for keeping the home fires burning while I take a break from production.  In fact, as I mentioned last month, I am not taking a break from the site really.  I am simply educating myself and developing materials that will enhance its overall service and professionalism.  It is a sharp learning curve with a lot of trial and error and it takes time.

An Unusual Focus: I was surprised to learn that IMDb has a specialty page dealing with nudity of underage actresses.  A few of these titles are known, but many are not and Pigtails has copied the list for future research and review.  Given the controversy this may trigger, it is not known how long the list will remain on the site.  Since there are so many titles that were unknown, this would seem a bonanza for us.  However, because most of these films deal with young, post-pubescent girls, they are not covered in the scope of our site.

A Brave and Edgy Remake: In the course of investigating the career of Oona Laurence who played Tommie in the film Lamb, Pip discovered that she has been cast in a film called The Beguiled.  There is a 1971 Clint Eastwood film by that name and this is indeed a remake.  The intriguing thing about the plot is that it is about a wounded Union soldier who takes refuge in a Southern all-girls’ school during the Civil War.  The sexually-repressed girls then fight about whom he likes best.  It is interesting to note that it is directed by Sofia Coppola who seems to specialize in films about the psychology of teen girls so the drama should resonate in a believable performance.  Incidentally, Laurence also appeared in a short film after Lamb called Imaginapped.

Mistress of the Flies?  One of our readers has informed us about a film remake in production based on the novel and film Lord of the Flies.  The twist is that this time, the survivors are all girls.  This has certainly stirred things up in the media, but the directors insist they are staying true to the original intent of the novel and hope to dispel the usual stereotypes about the nature of aggression in boys versus girls.

More Desirée Drama: As mentioned in a recent ‘Maiden Voyages’, Google+ censored the image of Desirée from the series ‘American Girls’ by Ilona Szwarc.  Now Facebook has also censored it, ironically in a post denouncing the Google+ censorship.

Just Another Hoax: The graffiti artist Banksy was recently reported as captured and unmasked by police in a Palestine exhibition.  However, this story was manufactured by a hoaxer going by many aliases and publishing in the Nevada County Scooper and repeated by a number of news satire websites.

Alt-Right Unwittingly Boosts Ratings: A show called Big Mouth has been the latest target by the far right who have been boycotting and protesting the content of films produced by Netflix in the past year.  Of particular focus is a scene where a middle-school girl has a conversation with her talking, animated vagina.  Although meant to convey angst and ambivalence of a burgeoning sexuality, these critics insist it promotes pedophilia.

Girls’ Portraiture SNAFU: Fans of this website may have noticed a strange notice requesting a password for entry.  The blogger informs me that this glitch is a mundane computer problem and he does not currently have access to the site.  It is not clear if this situation is going to be remedied or if he will have to start again elsewhere.  He wanted to express his apologies to fans of the site who have not been able to reach him with their comments and questions.  I have been informed that only certain entries are password protected and one can scroll down to the other entries.  Those who have been in contact with this blogger can email him directly for the password to the protected posts.

8 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: October 2017

  1. I have just noticed that Girls’ Portraiture SNAFU is not in ‘the digital air’ anymore, taken away by WordPress. A few days ago it was still on the web.
    One can read on this site ( ‘ is no longer available. This site has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.’

    Like Ron mentioned as well, already since 24 June, there have been no changes any more on this site. Since so-called ‘semi-nude’ pictures were placed, available only with a password, which was not to be found on the site, nor any possibility to become a member or create an account or something like that. Ron mentioned that a password could be asked directly at the blogger. I emailed the blogger, also with compliments for his blog about girls in fashion. No answer. Maybe technically there was no possibility there to.

    However, this is at least the second time this blogger is blocked. This other blog has been titled Copine 1. This blog has seemed to be legal all the time, but was probably blocked in connection to his other site, Copine 3, with erotic stories and pictures that are claimed by the blogger to be legal.

    But on his sites Copine 1 and Girl Portraiture, I have not even ever seen any nude – one knows off course that one has nude and nude, but there was none. And as far as I am concerned no suggestive poses. These two sites about girls in fashion, photography, social media – Copine 1 and Girl Portraiture – are nice sites with nice, good comments and with often dreamy, beautiful pictures, rich of quality and phantasy. He has made me aware for example for the ‘girlish’ fashion look of girls in especially Spain, in contradiction of what I can watch myself in the more northern parts of Europe, where girls’ clothing is rather ‘boyish’. He followed hereby, in my memory, for example also several Spanish and Russian models. I hope he wants to continue and will find another platform. I would not know what is wrong with a blog about girls in fashion and photography, considering the models as well as the photographers, and a detailistic research of this in social media, with a personal and nice light touch in his writing.

    The “only” thing that could have been added more, though it was part of this blogger’s intentions, is writing about fashionbrands, like Lanidor, Zara, etc, magazines like Milk and websites like Minimoda. So, about the girlfashionworld in general, maybe in comparison with what girls wear in everyday life.

    • The owner of the site Girls’ Portraiture initially had two sites, Copine 1 and 2 and Copine 3. The first one dealt with little girls, in particular in fashion, but I do not know it sufficiently to say if it never had any nudity or controversial poses; the second one was openly oriented towards erotica. Since the first one had a link to the second one, the WordPress staff used that fact to suppress both sites together. Then he started a “fetish” adult erotic blog, Conceal and Reveal, which was again suppressed by WordPress. He also made a new blog entitled Children’s Photography, but this time he removed it himself. Finally he started two blogs, Girls’ Portraiture and The Lost Girls. The latter was devoted to the portrayal of girls’ sexuality in literature and media, but after some time it also included controversial Manga/Hentai art. This summer, technical problems prevented further postings in Girls’ Portraiture, so posts of that topic, like little girls’ fashion, were included in The Lost Girls, together with erotic stories. Therefore WordPress could again link the two blogs, and suppress both.
      This is a case of lack of prudence. If you are using a traditional web content provider, you should know that they set limits, they do not allow everything, even if it is legal. In particular, linking together little girls’ fashion and adult erotica, both acceptable separately, is a very bad idea.

      • Hi, particularly to Christian and Ron,
        I’m the erstwhile writer of all the blogs Christian mentions: and I take his admonition for lack of prudence. While GP was a simple site celebrating girls at the height of their appeal and beauty, much like Copine 1+2, I tried to avoid images that weren’t by named, overground photographers, or of named/identifiable models. At one point I was forced to post on The Lost Girls using the GP identity, and it was often easier to link there for a model’s context/portfolio. TLG was always going to be torpedoed when WP found it: I only used appropriate images, or adult images/computer renders/illustrations for nudity/sex, but the content was aggressively proselytising girls having physical relationships at the age they wanted them – almost always with peers – still not really WP’s cup of tea.
        I’ve learnt to put my heart into each project – knowing they are ultimately disposable. When I’ve got a new IP address and a new email, I’ll be back……

        • well, mr. Mick,

          I did not find Girls’ Portraiture a simple site. You let me discover more content and writing about girls and fashion mainly, especially informed me about a kind of ‘overgirlishness’ in Spanish, probably also Portuguese girls’ fashion. But why did you never answer me the few times I mailed you about it and about the why of that password on GP? I hope next time you will manage to create a blog or blogs that will endure.

          PS But maybe GP and Copine 1 and 2 were mainly your way ‘celebrating girls at the height of their appeal and beauty’ (cit. from your comment above) and was it less for the fashion and photography, let alone a cultural context of this way of ‘girlhood’. Maybe you also like it to ‘come back’ more than once.

        • Mick, might I suggest that instead of trying to host your blogs on ‘’ as you’ve done in the past with ‘Copine 1 and 2’ and ‘Girls’ Portraiture’, etc, that you move to ‘’. This way, as I understand, WordPress can’t delete your website as you are the host. To quote from ‘The Beginners Guide for WordPress’:

          “You own your website and all its data. Your site will NOT be turned off because someone decides that it is against their terms of service (as long as you are not doing something illegal). You are in full control.”

          The only possible downside is you have to install the WordPress software on your own web server and of course carry out your own site maintenance whereas on they take care of all that for you.

          • That is not completely correct. As we have personally experienced, pressure can still be put on the host, data center, domain registrar, etc. You do not have to be doing something illegal to be shut down because you are depending on technicians to know whether something is illegal or not. Frankly, I don’t know why Mick feels like he has go off on his own and not simply contribute to Pigtails. It is much more stable and there is a lot of support from fellow staff members. We have some common sense guidelines and standards which should be reasonable to anyone publishing legitimate material. -Ron

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