Maiden Voyages: August-September 2017

(Last Updated On April 30, 2023)

The Trouble with Renaissance Men: Many readers have observed that I have been rather inactive of late.  Pigtails in Paint is not only a project run by volunteers, but is an expression of creativity in its own right and requires a certain amount of creative impulse.  Summer should have been a productive time for publishing an incredible backlog of fascinating material, but some other things have captured my interest lately and I felt compelled to pursue them.  Please rest assured that I have not lost interest in Pigtails and recognize its importance in the shaping of public attitudes and political progress.  I would like to thank Pip, Arizona and other associates for keeping the home fires burning.  To demonstrate the seriousness of my commitment, you should know that one of my projects this summer was the commissioning of a set of custom shelves to house the various girl-related materials that have accumulated over the years.  This has drastically reduced the clutter and will help with the assembly of future material for eventual publication.

These shelves now house the on-topic books, magazines, original artwork and prints, figurines, hardcopy leads, unsorted postcards and digitized materials to be used for Pigtails in Paint.

How Much Punishment Is Enough?  As described in an earlier post, Chris Madaio served a prison term for possessing child pornography.  He then had to serve more time for a so-called parole violation that, in an equitable court of law, should have been regarded as double jeopardy.  He has been released but has been put in a frustrating position because of the fact that he was arrested and charged in Alabama instead of his home state of New York.  There are two problems outstanding at this point.  Because of the sex offense, the New York probation office is resisting his efforts to officially relocate there and live with his sister.  Also, the Federal Courts saw fit to return his legitimate photographs, but the State of Alabama seems to have no regard for Constitutional procedure and has not done the same.  Since he is essentially living off of his Social Security checks, he does not have the means to hire skilled lawyers to handle this.  If anyone is willing to help in either or both of these matters, please contact me.  Madaio is a paralegal but does not have the specialty knowledge to compel the courts to assist him.

Blowback: Graham Ovenden really sets the standard when it comes to fighting against persecution from the police, the courts and unsubstantiated libel from the media.  Not only is he preparing to countersue the appropriate government institutions and media companies, but has, in the process, produced hundreds of pages of carefully-documented details demonstrating the extent of the misconduct and a blow by blow account of each image that has been under scrutiny.  I am informed that when available, a digitized form will be made available to Pigtails.  I am sure this will lead to many interesting posts about police overreaching and the arbitrary decisions of judicial system.

New Video Feature: Very often, because particular films contain child nudity, YouTube finds it necessary to remove certain films from public view.  Because of this, one of the most requested films has been The Spy Who Caught a Cold.  I am pleased to announce that readers can now watch this (and others in the future) that are habitually removed from mainstream video sites which tend to overreact to child nudity.  As other films are added, a ‘Video Page’ will be created so readers will know which titles can be viewed.  So if you finally want to see this short film in its entirety, scroll to the bottom of this page. [This video was deleted for some reason.  I am pleased to announce that it is working again.  Please remember to only download items that are clearly identified as there are advertisers on the MediaFire site as well.  Enjoy,  -Ron]

Source Material Identified: A little while ago, Christian informed me of the identity of the original art used by Pip in one of our past banners.  The painting is called The Kiss by Lawrence Alma-Tadema.  You can review all former Pigtails banners on our revised Third Anniversary post.

Double Standard: An interesting issue occurred at the recent San Diego Comic-Con. Of particular interest was a cosplay by Kai, the youngest son of actor Liev Schreiber, who dressed up as Harley Quinn, the Joker’s girlfriend, as she appeared in the film Suicide Squad. Most people seemed to be delighted by Schreiber’s decision to let his son dress as a girl character, but this raises the question that if this had been an actual girl, wouldn’t there have been a huge backlash from critics complaining about the inappropriateness of the costume?  And although a hypocritical media would revel in such a controversy, they seem content to show how tolerant they are about the trans aspect. That aside, Pip found it an admirable choice on Schreiber’s part and, frankly, Kai does seem to have suitably girlish features accentuated by the makeup and long hair.  There is a lot of coverage of this story but here are a few links that Pip sent me: here, here, here, here and here.

Liev Schreiber with son Kai dressed as Harley Quinn at Comic-Con 2017

Modeling Article Installment: As promised, I am sharing a backlog of links to articles about the conditions and lives of child models.  This one is about nine-year-old Kristina Pimenova, a Russian child model considered to be one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Written by Jennifer Gardiner, it discusses the issue of how much and what kind of exposure is acceptable.  Who is legally responsible for the well-being of the model in cases like this? [I am informed that the site owner has restricted access to the site in questions. Please see details in the comments. -Ron]

Other Leads: I often get tidbits mentioning the existence of on-topic sites.  This one is a Spanish site featuring somewhat pastoral images of children.

15 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: August-September 2017

  1. Last Halloween, I saw dozens of preteen Harley Quinn-s in the streets, including my own daughter 🙂 Nobody seemed to complain about the inappropriateness of the costume.

    • What you are observing is the tendency for the media to manufacture a controversial story. At the local level, people tend to allow kids just to be kids. Thank you for sharing. -Ron

  2. Hello Ron/other administrators of this Great Page…about that recent post/article about S.Clemens/M.Twain Aquarium Club , that book about it and etc , it exists in pdf here on the internet, to read online?? …or a secure website that I can download it???…or only to buy it??? …Thanks!

  3. There is no such thing as ‘genetic female’. Are going by genetalia, testosterone levels, DNA code, none structure, Brain chemistry, or what? As such, most medical professionals accept the word of their patients as to whether they are male, female, intersex, or something else. Also, I did not assume Kai is transgendered. Kai could be just a boy (if Kai self-indentifies as a boy) who felt like dressing up according to ‘traditional gender roles’ for those indentifying as girls. I am quite well aware of such norms, and all the horrid bs of our cultural norms. I may well find young girls of interest due to the ignorance and hatred of my culture, and yours, that prevented me from living my authentic self. Ignorance and hate are what you, a man especially enamoured with young girls, deal with, and photographers simply daring to take beautiful photographs of children must worry if they are breaking the law or not.

    There are resources to better understand trans and gender-non-conforming individuals, just as this site helps people better understand girl lovers.

    Oh … And I should add that whilst Kai and Kai’s dad have gotten some compliments online, they have also gotten quite a bit of verbal abuse, too.

  4. It was an excellent idea to have those shelves custom built!

    Now as for the link on the bottom of that page, it seems that to begin with, the link is for that other movie, from New Zealand.
    Or am I misunderstanding something?

    The trouble with sites like that one from Spain is that the pictures coming and going like that makes me dizzy. I wish there were a way to freeze it.
    Maybe people with completely normal eyesight don’t have that problem with it.

    • When I say the bottom of the page, I am referring to the post itself, not the comments section! There is a screenshot from the film and you click on it (which is not working at the moment). The New Zealand film lead came from a commenter. -Ron

  5. As a transgendered woman, I think it would behoove you to clarify what you meant by ‘actual girl’. Is this a case of a cisgendered boy crossdressing, or a transgendered girl being her (or their) authentic self? We must stand up for the rights and dignity of all people. I am sure you must have gotten flack yourself over your site, and misinterparions of what sort of person you are. Trans women are women, trans men are men, and all people are created equal.

    • I think even transgendered people should be familiar with conventional perceptions even if they disagree with them. We are not suggesting that Kai is exhibiting transgendism. This kind of experimentation is common among young boys and I think it is clear that ‘actual girl’ refers to someone who is genetically female and fits the associated gender roles for that sex. The point about this item was media hypocrisy in appearing liberal about a subject that hints at transgenderism. This is a kind of phony political correctness which has been running rampant these past decades. All people deserve dignity, but those who do not fit the traditional mold know that it is a harder life and picking nits like this serves no useful purpose. Thank you for taking the time to express your views. -Ron

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