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(Last Updated On September 14, 2017)

Here’s a reminder that interesting on-topic art can appear even in the most unexpected places. My own t-shirt collection is starting to get old and ratty, so lately I have started perusing some online purveyors of t-shirts. And because I like to support independent artists, my favorite t-shirt shops are Design By Humans and Tee Public. These sites are searchable by subject, and on a whim I started searching for Little Red Riding Hood-related items, of which there were quite a few. But the most interesting one I found was this one by an artist who goes by mankeeboi on that site. I immediately noticed something quite eye-opening about this image: aside from the actual riding hood, the young girl appears to be nude, with her picnic basket strategically blocking her genitalia. Most of mankeeboi’s art is fairly cartoonish; this one was something of an exception to that.

Here is the actual image:

mankeeboi – Little Red (t-shirt design)

I’m half tempted to order this shirt for myself. It’s actually a pretty good design, I think.

Edit: this shirt (and everything else at the site) is currently dropped in price from $20 to $14, so if you want to buy this or any other shirt from Tee Public, now is the time! This sale certainly won’t last forever. – Pip


4 thoughts on “Little Red T-Shirt Design

  1. Have a long sleeve shirt on the way 😉 It is curious that none of the other designs are of the same style, although the black backgrounds more normally used seem to detract from the images. Nice find!

      • Curious they have a sale on when they have told me they will a little longer shipping due to still recovering from the hurricane. They are based in south Florida 🙂

        • Hmm, that’s probably why they have the sale then: trying to raise money to repair hurricane damage, or perhaps move their operation elsewhere. I can’t imagine they have a lot of stock to get rid of on-site. I think they’re something like print-on-demand is for books–they create as needed. Although I suppose they would have quite a few of the base shirts on-site, so those would still need to be moved if they’re pulling up roots. Incidentally, I still haven’t received my own order yet, but I didn’t get the memo that it would take longer. I ordered a couple of days before I actually made this post so maybe I just beat the storm.

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