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(Last Updated On May 30, 2022)

I must admit, like Charles Dodgson, I have a weakness for images that illustrate concepts in mathematics and logic.  This image was appropriated for a module on proportions in the United States; namely, the size of the image varies inversely as its distance from the observer (or the camera).

Marina Castillo – Midiendo fuerzas … (2012)

Marina Castillo lives in Mendoza, Argentina and this image is part of a series called ‘Scenes of dwarfs and giants’.  One cannot be completely sure, but it does appear that these scenes were constructed conventionally and not digitized.  If so, then a special setting or lens would have to have been used to maintain a depth of focus for the subjects in the frame.  This one which means “balancing forces” has the additional appeal of being a nod to girl power.

4 thoughts on “Random Images: Marina Castillo

  1. I visited the series of photos on flickr and absolutely loved it. Had a good laugh or two. It reminds me of a similar type of photo that I took at Giza, of my daughter “holding up” one of the great pyramids “in the palm of her hand”. (I think it’s one of those standard poses that every tourist at Giza must take; kind of like reading a newspaper or book while floating in the Dead Sea.)

    Thanks for sharing it with us, Ron.

    • Yes, I admit this little gimmick has been played with a lot since the advent of photography, but it is the imagination of the composer that makes it stand out. Another classic when it became possible to photograph at night was to have someone “holding” the full moon.

    • X.Z. Mouse, your commentary is nevertheless timely, as many people use this photographic resource to express their wishes, or even for simple jokes. I already have seen people “holding” the Eiffel Tower in the palm of their hand, or “pushing” the Pizza Tower to let it on its axis, or “lighting” the torch of the NY Statue of Liberty.

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