A Cool Shirley Temple Piece

(Last Updated On May 30, 2022)

I found this piece whilst scrounging around on the web. As is often the case with these things, there was no information about the artist provided with it, but it did have a title. I liked it well enough anyway and knew it would be perfect for Pigtails’ followers. It seems to be a digitally designed collage piece, and I particularly love the beams of light emanating from her head.

Artist Unknown – A True Star (Shirley Temple)

6 thoughts on “A Cool Shirley Temple Piece

      • As long as we have been recently been talking here on the site about movies, did we ever talk about any of HER especially good movies, such as “Our Little Girl” and “Little Miss Marker”?

        • I don’t believe so, no. Our Little Girl is the one where you see her topless, isn’t it? It’s interesting to compare the child stars of today to Miss Temple in her day. The Fannings siblings, when they were still children, are probably the closest we have to child stars of Temple’s level, and there’s no way either of them would’ve appeared on-screen topless at the age Shirley does (somewhere around 6 or 7). A good indicator of how sensibilities have changed. Anyway, I think a Shirley Temple feature film post is probably inevitable at some point. My particular faves are Wee Willie Winkie, Captain January and Stowaway, all filmed right around the same time: ’36–’37. I think she peaked here, but that’s my opinion. Your mileage may vary. 🙂

          • Yes, those scenes in “Our Little Girl” were beautiful.

            I also like “The Runt Page”, when she was younger.
            At the beginning of that movie, she falls asleep in her high chair and dreams the rest of the movie.
            The high chair was rather unrealistic for a three-year-old. Also, one man was smoking a big cigar right near her. In today’s world, not too many parents would tolerate THAT.

        • Jerrold, this is really a lazy question, and you should not ask it. At the bottom of each post you have the categories. Click on “Temple, Shirley”, then you will see all posts about her.

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