Random Images: 7-Eleven Ad

(Last Updated On May 30, 2022)

7-Eleven Advertisement (1966)

This advertisement is nostalgic for me.  It is remarkable how a company’s image can change over the years.  My memories are of a convenience store catering to kids looking for fast food like Slurpees and burritos microwaved right there in the store!  This ad gives the impression of a wholesome place safe for kids and they still called the man behind the counter a grocer.  This model has been imitated by a number of other companies in the form of the ubiquitous gas station convenience store.

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  1. And now, if you send your kid to the store by herself, you’ll get a visit from your ever-so-helpful government agent, who you *may* be able to talk out of committing a state-sanctioned kidnapping.

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