Little Girl vs. Bull: Kristen Visbal

(Last Updated On May 31, 2022)

As part of an ad campaign by State Street Global Investors to shed light on gender inequality in the workplace, sculptor Kristen Visbal created a statue of a bold little girl (aptly called Fearless Girl) to face down the famous Wall Street bull in Bowling Green Park, New York, an artwork universally associated with the financial district, particularly high speed trading. Fearless Girl was installed for International Women’s Day, a commemoration of working women started in 1909 by the Socialist Party of America, but it has since become a worldwide phenomenon and taken on a much greater import. In light of recent politics, a tiny but defiant ponytailed girl standing in the way of a two thousand pound raging bull seems somehow appropriate. Hopefully our little heroine can charm the savage beast!

Kristen Visbal – Fearless Girl (2017) (1)

Kristen Visbal – Fearless Girl (2017) (2)

Kristen Visbal – Fearless Girl (2017) (3)

Kristen Visbal – Fearless Girl (2017) (4)

Kristen Visbal – Fearless Girl (2017) (5)

Kristen Visbal – Fearless Girl (2017) (6)

Kristen Visbal – Fearless Girl (2017) (7)


11 thoughts on “Little Girl vs. Bull: Kristen Visbal

    • Oh, interesting. Thanks, Jerrold!

      Mr. Di Modica said that “Fearless Girl” was an insult to his work, which he created after the stock market crashes in the late 1980s. “She’s there attacking the bull,” he said.

      Pffft, bwa ha ha! It’s kind of hilarious that he feels like his massive bull is threatened by this little girl. I think he just proved the point behind the “Fearless Girl statue, no?

  1. I loved #3, where the “Fearless Girl” facing down the bull, is herself being faced down by the even-more fearless girl in the red superhero outfit. But if that was posed by a photographer, I think a good symbolic opportunity was missed: I would have had the girl in red stand beside the statue, to help “Fearless Girl” face down the bull.

    BTW, it reminded me of a funny T-shirt I once saw displayed on a mannequin, in the window of a children’s clothing store. The T-shirt said,

    “I’m a girl. What’s YOUR super power?”


    • Yeah, I loved the concept of all of femaledom being represented by a little girl in sneakers and a ponytail facing off against the epitome of masculinity: a raging bull. Smart money is on the bull, but I’m wagering on the girl anyway. I think she’s tougher than she looks and probably has a few tricks up her sleeve. 🙂

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