End of Pigtails?

(Last Updated On May 31, 2022)

Pigtails in Paint Suspended: As of December 21st, I was informed that Pigtails in Paint will be suspended by our host, Jaguar PC. There is no explanation other than the tiresome complaint about content. They offer no legitimate reason, simply that they do not want this material on their network. Therefore, for Pigtails to continue a new and more tolerant service provider will have to be found. I have backed up the site so that everything up to this point will be saved. Do not bother to add any comments from hereon in as they will not be saved. I am uncertain whether the site will be reestablished or some kind of foundation will need to be formed to preserve that material which might otherwise fuel the bonfires of narrow-minded zealots. You can contact me directly by email at

Naturally, this is a dark day, not only for freedom of expression but for society’s own psychosexual health. The tides of history have driven Western Civilization to this attitude which is neither healthy for its members nor based on sound scientific foundations. I know such a statement may sound high-minded, but my work on the site has taught me that there is a lot more to this situation than the obvious claim of vulgar sexual titillation by a small minority of readers. The site offered academic merit, a feminist perspective, thoughtful discussion and a plenitude of warm support from those who really understood what we stood for.

Thank you everyone for your support and congratulations to those working hard to inaugurate a new dark age for humanity. -Ron, Editor-in-Chief

If you wish to file a protest, you can do so using the following contact information:.
Call us: (888) 338-5261
JaguarPC http://www.jaguarpc.com
Email: [email protected]

You’;re currently hosting pigtailsinpaint.com ( which contains images which can be considered child pornography. We cannot allow this content on our network. We can only be able to unsuspend your account upon your confirmation that the site will be removed IMMEDIATELY upon re-activation and not allowed on our network again. I’m afraid this is not a negotiable situation and we can only re-enable the account upon your confirmation the site will be removed from your vps immediately.

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