Maiden Voyages: October-November 2016

(Last Updated On May 13, 2022)

Welcome readers to a belated Maiden Voyages.  Within two weeks of my fruitful research trip, Mother Nature unleashed her chaos and I had a freak accident at home which sent me to the hospital.  As traumas go, it was a minor one but recovery is gradual.  My injuries have made it difficult to sit for a long time which is why there have been no posts from me in a while.  To make matters worse, my private business has been busier than ever.  Many days I have intended to work on a post or reply to emails to find myself too exhausted mentally and physically.  This has taken an emotional toll as I deal with bureaucracy of the broken American medical system.  I thank my friends and readers for their well wishes and promise to continue as I am able.  My research trip has been an inspiration and I have many interesting things to share.  However, producing a post to my standards does take time and cannot be done in one sitting.  I still believe Pigtails in Paint has an important function and should continue to do so.  I also encourage those interested in composing posts for this site to please do so.

Mission Statement: One of the ideas that came from my trip was the urgent need for a mission statement.  It goes without saying that Pigtails covers a number of controversial subjects associated with little girls.  However, like the proverbial elephant in the living room, it is an important subject that the conventions of society would have us ignore, trivialize or offer patent simplistic answers to.  Once posted, the ‘Mission Statement’ will reflect what I have learned to date about the valuable function this site serves, whether people want to acknowledge it or not.

Lessons from Behind the Iron Curtain: A Jock Sturges show titled ‘Absence of Shame’ was recently closed in Moscow after protests and charges that the work was child pornography. The government investigated and concurred with the complainants and ordered it shut down.  Given the U.S. President-Elect’s admiration for Russian methods for controlling its people, one has to wonder how much the United States will be following suit in the years to come.  Our readers should be reminded that Pigtails has been blocked in that country since 2014 and can only be accessed through proxy servers.

A Fresh New Site: I was informed of an interesting new site covering young girl portraiture.  The blogger states that: “The intention is to help redress, in admittedly a very limited way, the imbalance that exists with regard to images of girls online.”  It seems that image sites such as Tumblr delete any blogs that seem to be concentrating on young girls though specific policies regarding young girls are not clearly spelled out in the respective ToS (Terms of Service). Girls’ Portraiture intends to offer proper context to images rather than the popular convention of presenting a mash of random and unidentified images.

New Sia Video: Here is another one featuring Maddie Ziegler (plus a bunch of other kids).  There are also a couple other older videos of hers that may have been overlooked. One called Big Girls Cry has Maddie in it and another called Alive has a cute little Asian girl doing martial arts. It seems that the theme of children and little girls is a long-standing one for Sia.  In Alive, the little girl does a series of forms (kata in Japanese) which happen to be very advanced—done only by brown and black belts, an impressive accomplishment for a girl that age.

Vintage Postcards: An excellent collection of vintage postcards featuring girls and children has been brought to my attention.  Take a look here.

Site Design: Thanks to the efforts of supporters, there will be a noticeable change in the appearance of this blog.  It was my intent to have these changes take effect this month when our domain name was renewed.  However, unavoidable delays on all fronts means that these changes are likely to be implemented in the new year.  There will be a new banner designed by one of our artists and the layout style and site functions will be updated to make the site more professional.

The Kiss of Death: It has been brought to my attention that one of the films reviewed on this site, The Spy Who Caught a Cold, was deleted from YouTube.  It has become clear to me that because of the large readership of Pigtails, we have become a source of intelligence for the “decency police”.  Therefore, readers should know that any relevant video materials appearing on YouTube are copied in the course of doing the relevant posts.  If any reader would like an MP4 copy of such a film that can be viewed on a computer, it can be made available for download (assuming the video is unavailable elsewhere).

7 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages: October-November 2016

  1. Just a short notice on Sturges exhibition, and the “Iron curtain”.
    The exhibition was running for some 2 months with no protests at all, when some of the “pro-democracy activists” posted a falsified story with pictures that weren´t in the display, and accused the museum of showing porn. The children ombudswoman re-posted the report and promised an investigation, while several action groups staged protests at the doors. Museum director went into action, and invited several of their heads to visit the show, upon which all the protests were dropped, and – notabene! – the protesters against the exhibition turned into guardians of the exhibition, stopping 3 attempts of stink-bombing it, etc. The ombudswoman had to delete her re-post. There is a police investigation against the originator of the hoax running.
    Naturally, this never made it into international press: not a headline we want to read, isn´t it?

    • Thank you for the updated information. Naturally more of the details can be found in the press release. However, like any media outlet, they only tell us the news “worthy to print”. Of course that is subjective and biased by the agenda of the controlling interests.

  2. I have found Russians to be open-minded about nudity; they seem to be like other Europeans. It is disturbing that the Sturges exhibit was closed by officials. It’s absurd; Sturges has an international reputation. I suspect that there were no complainants but rather the government-controlled media created a spectacle as an excuse to close the show.
    Ron, I’m glad to know you are OK, I was concerned.

    • Yeah, but guess what? I use TOR to access sites like pigtailsinpaint, and I just tried to access it from a TOR circuit with a Russian exit node. I got the message: “This site is blocked by order of the Russian Federation” (or something like that). I had TOR build a new circuit and my exit node is now in the Ukraine, which apparently has no problem with this site.

      Very chilling.

      So, I just tried it again. This time I FORCED the TOR network exit node to be in the Russian Federation (the previous time it randomly chose an exit node in the R.F.). The Russian exit node IP address was different than the Previous Russian exit node, and the message was different but amounted to the same thing.

      The message in Russian was:

      [begin quote]
      Доступ запрещён

      Доступ к этой странице запрещён, т.к. она попала в “Единый реестр запрещённых сайтов”,

      содержащий информацию, распространение которой в Российской Федерации запрещено,

      либо в «Федеральный список экстремистских материалов» на сайте Минюста.
      [end quote] translated (very poorly, of course) the above into “English” as:

      [begin quote]
      Access is denied

      Access to this page is denied because she came to the “Unified Register of banned sites”

      containing information which is spread in the Russian Federation it is prohibited,

      or “Federal list of extremist materials” at the Ministry of Justice website.
      [end quote]

      I think this must be very recent as I am pretty sure I visited before using an exit node in the Russian Federation.

      This is very worrisome and very, very chilling.

      I now have {ru} included in my “ExcludeNodes” list for TOR.

      • Thank you for these details. As far as I know, this site is only blocked in Russia and none of the other states that were once part of the Soviet Union. Given the habit of blocking (which a number of emigrees inform me is quite rampant), I am sure many Russian citizens are educated about getting around this. I have a follow-up question: given that Pigtails features prominently in certain word searches, do the search results come up or are they prevented from even appearing in a search? The answer may be important because if Russia cannot block the search results, at least Russians would find a way to circumvent this obstruction to find the information they are looking for. Thanks again, -Ron

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