Alphonse Isambert

(Last Updated On June 4, 2022)

I’m back! At least for awhile. And here’s a taste of what I have in store for you. This piece is by Alphonse Isambert, a student of the master historical painter Paul Delaroche. Isambert, like many artists of the 19th century, was heavily inspired by ancient Greco-Roman art and culture. The style here is Neoclassical, and this piece exemplifies the tradition of the idyll, with two rustic youths, likely young lovers, playing music in the woods. The title translates to Aulos Players in Arcadia.

Alphonse Isambert - Les joueurs d’aulos en Arcadie (1847)

Alphonse Isambert – Les joueurs d’aulos en Arcadie (1847)


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    • It should be noted that Arcadia is very much a real place. It’s a large inner swath of Greece’s Peloponnese. Though, as you point out, it eventually became associated with a certain idyllic tradition as, in the days when Greece was ruled by city-states, Arcadia largely resisted modernization and clung to its rurality.

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