Random Images: Susanna Blåvarg

(Last Updated On June 4, 2022)

This artist seems to have a knack for geometrically interesting compositions with just the right touch of sensuality.  This image is from the Westend61 collection.

Susanna Blåvarg - Naked boy and girl cuddling in bed (Undated)

Susanna Blåvarg – Naked boy and girl cuddling in bed (Undated)

2 thoughts on “Random Images: Susanna Blåvarg

  1. This is my picture and I have the copyright. I request that you immediately remove it from your website or I will have my lawyers go after you.

    Susanna Blavarg

    • The appearance of your image on this site does not constitute a copyright violation. A special clause in the copyright laws in most countries, referred to as “Fair Use” allows the use of a copyrighted item for non-profit educational purposes and critical reviews. This site’s use of such materials falls under both these special categories.

      We do, on occasion, remove materials at an artist’s request if there is a compelling reason. Your request as it stands is vague and unwarranted. Also, personal requests like this should be made in private using the contact form on the site. Please make use of it if you want to continue pursuing your request. However, your exposure on this site is a tribute to your talent and should you ever tire or purely commercial work, will help you establish the kinds of contacts that will allow you to engage in work more on your own terms. I apologize if the perfunctory nature of this post has insulted you. It is not always possible to reach artists and get direct and detailed feedback which might be shared with our readers. The advantage of a blog is that it can be revised at any time and we stand ready to make such corrections whenever appropriate.

      Out of consideration for all the artists covered on this site, I remind our readers that the appearance of material here does not invalidate the rights of the respective copyright holders, whether they be individual artists or institutions such as corporations. And when producing your own critical reviews or comments, please have the courtesy of giving credit to the artist or citation indicating the source. -Ron

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