Random Images: Incident at the Duck Pond

(Last Updated On June 4, 2022)

Isn’t “luring” a rather strange word choice here?  Let’s try “coax” or “persuade”.  This is from the Retro collection.

(Photographer Unknown) - Police officer luring girl (8-9) out of duck pond in park

(Photographer Unknown) – Police officer luring girl (8-9) out of duck pond in park

7 thoughts on “Random Images: Incident at the Duck Pond

  1. And one of those great painters who use his family (wife and daughters) as subject was Henri Lebasque who was a French painter. He was part of a group of artists who called themselves ‘Les Nabis’ (The Prophets); it would be a great post I think.

    • Thank you for the suggestion; I will make a note of it. I have seen references to Les Nabis and am vaguely familiar with that movement. -Ron

  2. Yes I agree in the early days of the 1900s to the 1950s things were very sweet, innocent and great in terms of art, photography, naturism…I have a question…this lovely page will post more of paintings or art photography?…I love the post about Kendall and his daughters…and I would love to see more of this style where the daughters or nieces were the models or subjects for art of their artist fathers or uncles…

    • You will have to do some exploring to learn this, but the mission of Pigtails in Paint is to present the portrayal of little and young girls in the arts and media. There is no preference for one style or medium over another except the bias of what we happen to know about. We rely on readers to make suggestions so that nothing will slip through the cracks. If you find something of interest, pass it on to me and almost certainly it will appear in a future post. -Ron

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