Random Images: Christmas Sled

(Last Updated On January 3, 2016)

Before the Christmas season ends, there are a couple more items to get in.  One of our writers submitted this postcard last year, but never produced the post.  It shows how extreme this Edwardian movement was.  It is quite striking how the girls are naked in an ostensibly winter scene.

Rotophot Postcard, UK (c1906)

Rotophot Postcard, UK (c1906)

On the other hand, a number of my Australian associates remind me that this is the hottest time of the year—perfect beach weather!

2 thoughts on “Random Images: Christmas Sled

  1. Can you elaborate on “extreme Edwardian movement”? I’m not sure what movement of the Edwardian Era you are referencing.

    • I wrote that assuming readers understood about the “cult of the child” phenomenon that developed in the Victorian Era (and advent of photography) and manifested itself in a plethora of “innocent” postcards featuring children. Today, we may not realize the enormous quantity of these cards that were produced (especially in the UK, France and Germany). By “extreme”, I mean the kind strained contrivances used to justify producing an image like this. -Ron

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