Random Images: Andrew Farrington

(Last Updated On March 7, 2018)

Another of Pip’s “test” images is this one of a girl holding a knocker.  I must confess that this compelling image holds some symbolic meaning, but it eludes me at the moment.  The reference to Polaroid is explained in part in one of his series.

Andrew Farrington - Em Polaroid Knocker

Andrew Farrington – Em Polaroid Knocker

There is not much biographical information on Andrew Farrington except that he is a U.K. photographer who divides his time between personal artistic projects and commercial ones including videos.  He once kept an extensive collection of his photos on his Facebook page, but has removed them, including this one.  He now maintains a private website which shows off his latest artistic efforts.

2 thoughts on “Random Images: Andrew Farrington

  1. Maybe, just maybe its the idea that beauty could be standing in a doorway after you are beckoned by a knock at the door. What a moment that would be…

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