Random Images: Rosanna Walls

(Last Updated On June 8, 2022)

Pip found this image to be “funny as hell”. It is actually a photo of Rosanna Walls when she was a toddler, so the photographer is probably a parent or close family member. The photo used to be the centerpiece of the front page of her website. She has a different website now and this photo no longer appears on it (and it does not appear to be functioning at the moment).  The caption translates as, “The First Complete Nude”.

(Photographer Unknown) - El Primer Desnudo Integral

(Photographer Unknown) – “El Primer Desnudo Integral” (c1978)

So, as we ring in the New Year, we contemplate the past.

4 thoughts on “Random Images: Rosanna Walls

    • I got the impression from Pip’s comments accompanying this image that this was something of an inside joke, perhaps a double entendre, but I am not clear on the details. Walls is an actress and I gather she did have nude scenes in some of the films she acted in. Of course this is not really a complete nude in the literal sense, but somehow it is in the metaphorical sense and, in this context, qualifies as a kind of witty artistic expression.

    • She’s definitely naked below the waist and above the socks if you look close. So pretty much where it matters most. Probably why she considers it her first nude shot.

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