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(Last Updated On June 8, 2022)

Johanna Petronella Catharina Antoinetta  “Jo” Koster (1869–1944) was a versatile Dutch artist who did paintings, watercolors, drawings, etchings and lithographs. She also distinguished herself for her work in embroidery and wood carving.  At an early age, she apprenticed in Dordrecht and subsequently studied at the State Normal School in Amsterdam, where she obtained a diploma in Drawing. She was then appointed as a teacher at the Art Academy in Rotterdam.  Koster traveled abroad, visiting the studio of Filippo Colarossi while in Paris and lived three years in Brussels as a student of Ernest Blanc-Garin, where she became proficient at pastels.  In 1902, Koster returned to the Netherlands and founded a drawing and painting school. She continued to hone her skills the rest of her life.

Jo Koster - Naakt meisje (1916)

Jo Koster – Naakt meisje (1916)

3 thoughts on “Random Images: Jo Koster

  1. Wow Ron, Beautiful work! I do not recall ever seeing this kind of work that combined realism with Post-Impressionism. Do you know if this was done in oils or watercolor? This piece was painting in 1916 at the time of the cubism fad, the important point I make on my site, is the fact that this kind of work is not known because it didn’t appeal to those who had the greatest wealth and power to promote art, the American patrons, because many were prudes. I think I hit it on the nail. Have you thought about what I’ve been writing?

    • Actually this is one of Pip’s contributions. There are still a lot of items put up and I have a lot too. I am not sure of the medium in this case, but the artist was quite fond of pastels.

    • I would like to comment that PHOTOGRAPHERS, on the other hand, are not as dependent on prudish patrons. Unlike a painter, a photographer can sell MANY copies of the exact same work, to many “patrons”.
      When Sally Mann was being demonized by everybody on the artistic Right and political Right in this whole country, her New York gallery was selling her works “like hotcakes”, as one writer put it.

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