Random Images: Girls Fishing

(Last Updated On June 8, 2022)

This image is from an auction site entitled simply Trois jeunes filles à la pêche (Three young girls fishing).  It is an albumen print probably by S, Recknagel.  At first glance, the mixed ethnicity of the girls suggested to me that this photo was taken in South America, but these girls lived in Munich when this photograph was taken.

(Artist unknown) - Trois jeunes filles à la pêche (c1880)

S. Recknagel – Trois jeunes filles à la pêche (c1880)

2 thoughts on “Random Images: Girls Fishing

  1. This appears to be the same trio in “Drei Mädchen aus München von 6, 8, und 10 Jahren” by Recknagel, found on page 109 & 110 of Der Körper des Kindes by C. H. Stratz to demonstrate normal development in girls. There’s a very nice shot of the same trio 4 years later. Stratz was published in 1903. It’s likely the girls are German.

    • Well. I’ll take a look since I have that book, but the girl on the right does not look European. It’s weird that I have been getting a lot of references to Stratz lately, so I believe I will have to do the Stratz post soon. Thank you for the lead.

      After examining the Stratz book, I think I have to concur that these are the same girls, although this image is much more artistic.

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