Random Images: Sergei Petrovich Ivanov

(Last Updated On June 10, 2022)

Sergei Petrovich Ivanov (1893–1983) was a Russian portrait painter.  There is probably more on this artist in Russian so if someone would come forward with a link, that would be appreciated.

Sergei Petrovich Ivanov - Portrait of Two Young Girls with Dolls (1949)

Sergei Petrovich Ivanov – Portrait of Two Young Girls with Dolls (1949)

4 thoughts on “Random Images: Sergei Petrovich Ivanov

  1. So after doing a basic search for some of the other “Random Images” and finding very little information I was slightly put off when I found another Random Image post. However, for some reason, I started searching. I translated Serge’s name to Russian which is Сергей Петрович Иванов and …… Wow. I have found a major Russian portraitist – multiple biographies, one on his own webpage, and huge painting dumps and it only took twenty minutes.

    Webpage: http://www.serge-ivanoff.com/Serge_Ivanoff/Biographie.html
    Painting dump and another biography http://kolybanov.livejournal.com/11437387.html
    Another blog post/ painting dump http://worldartdalia.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/blog-post_396.html

    I should ignore Youtube and keep searching, maybe I will. However my plants cannot be ignored and I haven’t even started searching for the sculptor yet.

    • I just knew there had to be some good information and images on this artist as long as someone could overcome the language barrier. Thank you so much for your assistance. It is things like this that allow us to provide quality information to our readers. -Ron

      • You’re not kidding about the language barrier!
        English-language Wikipedia has various people by that same name, but apparently not HIM.
        One Russian painter was among them, but the dates of birth and death made it obvious that he was somebody else.

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