Random Images: Michel Simonidy

(Last Updated On June 10, 2022)

Michel Simonidy (1870–1933) was a painter, draftsman, designer and illustrator.  He was born in Romania and was a portraitist there before moving to Paris.  His paintings were in the style of Art Nouveau.  He produced artwork for a number of posters including this one.

Michel Simonidy - Poster for La Bourboule (1895)

Michel Simonidy – Poster for La Bourboule (1895)

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  1. Frequently, when I revisit a page here that I have not viewed for a long time, I notice things that I previously did not notice. In this case, what I saw is aside from the artistic aspects of it.
    In those days, did they actually believe that water containing compounds of arsenic was healthy to drink? Also, I’m wondering what was meant by Paris 9h. It could mean 9 heures (9:00 A. M.) but somehow that would not make much sense.

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