Random Images: Friedrich August von Kaulbach

(Last Updated On June 10, 2022)

Although Pip has resigned, there is still a backlog of images that he periodically passes on to me.  For a great many artists, painting children, nude or otherwise, was not their main emphasis or they were not especially noted for it.  And yet, as a legitimate subject, they were sometimes included in compositions.  For pieces that are on-topic for this site but little is known about the artist or work of art, they can be presented as a short post of ‘Random Images’.  This will only be for identified pieces.  Interesting images of unknown origin will still be posted on the ‘Little Orphan Images’ page.

There is a little information on Friedrich August von Kaulbach (1850–1920), but it appears he was a member of an artistic family.

Friedrich August von Kaulbach - Allegorie des Sommers (Date Unknown)

Friedrich August von Kaulbach – Allegorie des Sommers (Date Unknown)

It turns out that Pip had posted another image by this artist a while ago.  Take a look here.

It is my hope that someone might come forward to serve as Random Image Editor-Researcher.  The idea is to take backlogged images and check to see if they should be posted like this or be saved as part of a more extensive post.  -Ron

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