My Final Announcement

(Last Updated On November 18, 2016)

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my official resignation as a member of the editorial staff of Pigtails in Paint.  I began this blog years ago as a hobby and a kind of art project in its own right, a means of talking about a particular subject in ways that I did not see in the discourse at the time because of fear, suppression or simple neglect.  At one point we were removed from our original home at WordPress by forces who opposed what we were doing, but we came back stronger than ever.  The Little Blog That Could has now made its point and then some.  No matter what else happens out there in the art world, or however public opinions shift, artists who deal with the sensitive subject matter of the child nude—specifically the girl nude—will always have a home here.

Of course, not all the girl art we have shared is about their nude form.  We have tried (and I think succeeded) in discussing and sharing the gamut of art featuring girls as primary subject.  There is much, much more to share, and my dream is that Pigtails will long outlive me.  I am fairly confident that she will, for even if she disappears from the web, she will live long in the memories of her many admirers.  That is something to be proud of, and I most definitely am.

Of course, I could not go out without mentioning Ron, whose magnificent stewardship of my little project has far surpassed my dreams and expectations.  When I first started corresponding with Ron, I immediately saw something special in him, something I knew must be cultivated and shared.  Bringing him on board as co-editor was the best decision I ever made with respect to Pigtails; she has not only been well-nurtured under his loving care, she has thrived.  I have no doubt that she will continue to grow and blossom with Ron as her primary gardener and caretaker.  The other contributors too have been great assets to the blog, each of them bringing a unique perspective and knowledge to Pigtails, making her all the richer for it.

I have very much enjoyed working on Pigtails, but it is time to move on, for a couple of reasons.  For one, my heart is no longer fully invested.  I am a creative soul, and like many creative souls, I do not like being tied down for too long.  I have mostly said what I needed to say here, and now my heart yearns to do something different.  I have considered a blog—perhaps hosted in conjunction with Pigtails—that would discuss literature featuring girls.  This is still something I would very much like to do, but I don’t know when or how I will realize it yet.  The other reason I’m leaving is because I have become involved in my work in a capacity that affords me little time to participate here to the degree that Pigtails deserves.

And so, while I am saddened to be leaving, I am also excited about what lies ahead both for myself and for Pigtails in Paint.  At any rate, no matter how far apart our paths diverge, she will always be a part of me, her frilly pink flag planted firmly in my heart, where she has claimed territory there forever.  Meanwhile, my sincerest hope is that Pigtails will continue to bring joy, passion and inspiration to everyone who encounters her, and I know she will.

Pip Starr

7 thoughts on “My Final Announcement

  1. Thank you So Much Pip. You have done it right, and you have really helped me as an artist and as a person. I will miss you, but I wish you all of the best. Thank you Sir.

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