Maiden Voyages: September 2015

(Last Updated On May 15, 2022)

A Growth Spurt: is now on a dedicated server. This has been necessary due to the large volume of traffic on the site. This also affords us some independence, strengthening our position and giving us more flexibility.

A Distraction: Another development is the loss of our technical support person. Due to a personal crisis that may take a while to resolve, he can no longer offer the kind of service he would like. Therefore, we have begun to hire various independent, but professional, contractors to provide a number of services for the site and the server. For example, some malware was just purged from the site. Those of you who recently experienced pop-ups when navigating the site will find that they have ceased. I had intended to set up an infrastructure so we can solicit donations from able readers, but I had to adjust to these new developments and instead intend to have things in place by next month’s ‘Maiden Voyages’.

The Zieglers March On: Pip tipped me off about an article on Maddie Ziegler appearing in Elle. It seems she has been doing some runway modeling for charity, cheerfully accompanied by her little sister, Mackenzie. For those who are not familiar, Maddie is the actress who appeared in two much-talked-about music videos.

In Process: We were fortunate a little while ago to see a painting by Scott Affleck in progress. I have just been informed that the work was recently completed and so that version can now be seen on that post.

Evolution of the Body: A supporter provided an interesting lead about a review by Artspace staff about the evolution of the human body in 20th Century art. It took excerpts and images from The Art Book (2012), recently published by Phaidon.

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    • I will be if I can get my act together. I have to establish a PayPal account. I know for sure that I do not want to make this a pay site. I want the information to be available to the general public and I am betting there are enough of you out there who can afford to throw in a couple bucks. In the long run, it would be ideal to establish Pigtails formally as a non-profit organization. But these things have to evolve one step at a time. Thank you for your interest. -Ron

  1. Is that “review by Artspace staff” online?
    I visited the website, but I was not able to find anything like that.

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