The Final Nail in the Coffin (revised)

(Last Updated On June 15, 2022)

Because of the paradigm of childhood innocence, there are a number of juxtapositions that most people would find odd or outright disturbing. In one interesting case, U.S. prosecutors solved an embarrassing problem because of the sight of children smoking marijuana.

A couple of years ago, I watched the documentary Square Grouper which told three tales of marijuana smuggling in Florida. Square Grouper is a euphemism for the bundles of marijuana that would wash ashore when smugglers jettisoned their cargo under the pursuit of drug enforcement authorities.

The first story was about a group that called itself The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church. Based in Jamaica, its members believed that marijuana—which they referred to as ganja—was a sacramental herb and an essential part of Church ritual. The remarkable thing about this sect is that it was very conservative and believed in the strict obedience of women and no homosexuality, birth control or masturbation. And yet it was progressive in its belief in the brotherhood of white and black men. When white men from the United States first began to visit Jamaica, it was recognized that some way had to be found to bring ganja into the U.S. and a smuggling operation began. It eventually was so economically successful that it became the top source of income for the Jamaican government.

U.S. Church members finally acquired enough wealth to purchase a compound on Star Island in Miami Beach in 1975, much to the consternation of the neighbors. The rapidly growing group began to get complaints because of the large disruptive influx of new “followers” and the dense smoke wafting onto the neighbors’ properties. A number of law enforcement agencies began surveilling the compound and would arrest Church participants, but would have to release them later as they argued on the grounds of freedom of religion (First Amendment) and could afford the best lawyers in the area. This was an embarrassing situation for the authorities as news agencies covered the activities of the Coptics. In an attempt to convince the neighbors of their holy intentions, they were invited for a visit and that’s when the appalling vision of children smoking large amounts of ganja was witnessed by outsiders.

Billy Corben - Square Grouper (2011) (1)

Billy Corben – Square Grouper (2011) (1)

Billy Corben - Square Grouper (2011) (2)

Billy Corben – Square Grouper (2011) (2)

When these images hit the airwaves, the public outrage gave the authorities the political cover to arrest and convict leaders on charges of drug smuggling.

There are two important lessons to be had here. 1) No matter how righteous a group thinks its position is, success does require a certain political aptitude and a recognition of the prevalent public perception. 2) Emotional reactions to images or situations will overrule even the most skilled attempts at rational argument.

[15/09/16] When I informed Pip about doing this post, he told me about an issue of Life that had a picture of children smoking.  It was from a special edition called ‘The Journey of Our Lives’ in October 1991.  It featured images from cultures all over the world who practice a range of rituals associated with life transitions: birth, maturity, marriage and death.  Since all versions on the internet were of poor quality, we tracked down an issue so we could bring it to you here.  These girls were shot just outside of Kingston, Jamaica partaking of “wisdom weed” for the first time.

Daniel Laine - (From Life Magazine) (October 1991)

Daniel Laine – (From Life Magazine) (October 1991)

3 thoughts on “The Final Nail in the Coffin (revised)

  1. I know of a baroque painting of a young girl drinking wine, but we need to be careful when making analogies. The artist Miles Mathis brought to my attention that the CIA has programs that distribute drugs in order to destabilize organizations. So when I saw this post I found it disturbing. Following my suspicions I found this article:
    “In its efforts to destabilize the Jamaican government in the 1970s, the CIA created a group of drug dealing, gun running, political criminals. Through the cocaine trade, these criminals would eventually become more powerful than the politicians they were connected to. The CIA destabilization program did not only destabilize Jamaica in the 70s, but it destabilized Jamaica for the next 40 years.”

    The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church flourished in the 1970’s, so I believe it was part of the program. That’s another thing I learned from Miles, intelligence creates fake religions in order to keep people misdirected.
    Miles’ most recent article “The Hippie Matrix” gives an account of how the CIA with programs like Operation CHAOS were used to infiltrate the student antiwar movement. In other words the CIA brought drugs into the hippie movement in order to get the youth opposition so stoned out of it’s mind so that it would fail.
    Miles Mathis writes:
    “As far as drugs go, everything was put on the streets then, including LSD, STP, PCP, Methadone, Speed, Coke, and Heroin. Some of these drugs had been around for decades, but in the 1960’s they were put on the streets for cheap or free, specifically to snag unsuspecting hippies. It was known that the youth had less discipline and were more likely to be liberal–that is, antiwar. So making these dangerous drugs easy to get on the streets was no accident.”
    “Manufacturing events and pushing drugs are still the main prongs of the government’s destabilization program against real progressives, and the hippies are still falling for it. Today’s pot isn’t your grandpappy’s pot, and you can expect it to not only be many times stronger, but spiked with all sorts of things you probably don’t want to hear about. You will tell me you grow your own, using soil you have tended yourself and filtered water and so on, but unless you are sitting on a stash of heirloom seeds leftover from decades ago, your seeds are as compromised as any Monsanto seeds. If wheat and corn and soybeans and canola oil have been purposely poisoned, you don’t think your pot seeds have been ignored, do you? How do you think it got so much stronger.”
    So the pot these girls are smoking is not the same pot from the 1960s, it’s many times stronger, it’s not Summer of Love pot, it’s really Big Brother’s pot, which is spiked with God only knows what. I agree that children should have more of the freedoms that adults have, but that’s not the case here, even if the girl was 27 instead of 7, she would still be smoking CIA’s spiked pot. I realize you did not know any of this when you wrote the post but I see these poor girls as victims of the CIA’s worldwide program.

    • If true, these are truly disturbing revelations. It is now pretty well-known in certain circles how the CIA has made use of drugs, but the emphasis was always on raising funds for the kinds of operations Congress and the President might not approve. The notion of destabilizing or sedating a population through addiction is an old tactic going back to British efforts to “hook” the Chinese on opium. Maybe it is revisionist history, but pundits are now saying that the crisis that motivated that tactic was an intolerable trade deficit which was a threat to sustaining a world empire. But no action has only one effect. Control of narcotics would certainly benefit imperial institutions by causing instability, keeping a population under control, raising funds and justification for arrest and incarceration of “dangerous” malcontents.

      Speaking of which, I would appreciate it when bold claims like this are made, that you cite more than one credible source. I do not know Miles Mathis, but it would be quite easy to discredit him by claiming he is some rogue crackpot. Where did he get his information from? Is there documentation? Or is this just idle and plausible speculation on Mathis’ part based on the CIA’s established Modus Operandi?

    • The site that you cite seems a pro-Russian (and pro-Bashar) propaganda site, nothing to do with a true academic research team. As for the drug seeds of the 60’s having been “poisoned” by the CIA or Monsanto to become more dangerous (even when grown organically) in the 70’s, let me remind you that genetic engineering is a rather recent technology, so in the 60’s you still relied on breed selection and chemical fertilizers to improve your “grass”.

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