Telling it like it is: Victoria Grant

(Last Updated On June 16, 2022)

As I have mentioned many times, I watch a lot of documentaries. There is so much about the world that does not make it past the mainstream media filters. The internet is a blessing in that regard because it makes alternative information more accessible to the general public. Pigtails in Paint is a case in point.

I came across a short video produced in 2012 of a speech by 12-year-old Victoria Grant about the nature of the banking system and how money works. Naturally, this is a well-rehearsed speech but I think the point is that the key concept is simple enough to be understood by most reasonably educated young people. Efforts by economists to make certain aspects of this system seem complex when they are not is really a cynical diversion to keep the public from realizing just how obviously unjust it is. Grant has followed up on this theme in subsequent years.

Victoria Grant and the Public Banking Institute - Public Banking in America (2012)

Victoria Grant and the Public Banking Institute – Public Banking in America (2012)

You can see the whole speech here.

2 thoughts on “Telling it like it is: Victoria Grant

  1. On the YouTube page, there are links to interviews given by Victoria Grant to Russia Today and Truth TV, in both of them she says that she rehearsed the speech with her father. In the RT interview, she sits with her mother who is described as “Principal, Resurrection Christian Academy”. This might explain Victoria’s reference to the Gospel of Matthew on the money-lenders.
    The idea of solving economic inequality with a public bank is very old indeed, it was proposed by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in 1848, he advocated zero-rate credit and a “people’s bank”. In fact, interest rates are at the moment very low in Europe, this does not prevent public debt from soaring…
    The notion of “cleansing” capitalism by removing the “bad” finance and keeping the good “industry” and “productive sector” is an old delusion, supported by various people, some on the “left”, but many on the far-right, and antisemites even racialized it (Jewish finance vs. Aryan industry)… I don’t buy it. It is like modifying one wheel of a car, but leaving the three others unchanged.

    • Yes, there is no shortage of good ideas out there, but the problem always is: how to get people in power to release their vice-like control of everything. The more I study it, the more I pity the control freaks on top who, in the course of making most of us miserable, cannot be particularly happy people themselves. Has everyone forgotten what it means to be human? -Ron

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