A Young Moon Goddess and Her Acolytes

(Last Updated On June 16, 2022)

Well, I’m finally able to present my second piece here.  I’ve been working on it all month and at last it’s finished!  It’s a fantasy piece, in keeping with my interests: two young warriors have been placed to guard a portal made up of two trees twisted together, when suddenly the portal opens and there floats a youthful goddess of the moon, her hair and clothing billowing in the breeze.

Bear in mind that this is a bad scan done with one of those handheld scanners and I went through hell trying to get the pieces lined up in Photoshop, but this is a reasonable facsimile of the original image.  I will see about getting a better scan early this week, because this scan–and all scans really–are unable to do the b&w art justice.  First, there is distortion of the image here and there, especially the bottom right-hand corner and the full moon.  Further, in order to get a consistent image which would be suitable for printing, I have to push the contrast up, which has a flattening effect.  Thus, you miss out on all the sensuous textures of the original.  The style of this piece is fairly realistic, though with some Art Nouveau touches in the trees and the goddess’s hair and cape.

Anyway, here is “Moon Goddess”–pen & ink on 11 x 14 Bristol board, and it is for sale.  If you’re interested, please contact me via email.

Edit: SOLD – Sorry, but this piece is no longer on the market.  Thank you for your interest!

Pip Starr - Moon Goddess (2015)

Pip Starr – Moon Goddess (2015)

Pip Starr - Moon Goddess (2015) (detail 1)

Pip Starr – Moon Goddess (2015) (detail 1)

Pip Starr - Moon Goddess (2015) (detail 2)

Pip Starr – Moon Goddess (2015) (detail 2)

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