A Raw Emerging Artist: Kye Tanson

I received an interesting lead a couple days ago from one of our Australian readers. Raw: natural born artists is hosting an exhibition on March 26th in Brisbane called Grandeur.

Kye Tanson, the featured artist, was born in Australia in 1978 and is a self-taught Fine Art Conceptual Photographer focusing on the artistic exploration of the human form and its juxtaposition with nature as well as the development of societal values. As an individual diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and a product of a turbulent youth, his history provides him a unique view on the world. Having no other suitable outlet for expressing his personal emotional ideas, the artist uses this artform to express those concepts.

My source was only able to send a small sample of prospective images to be shown, but it appears that Tanson has always had a special affinity for young people. As early as age 15, he qualified as a youth worker and throughout his life has been surrounded by those much younger than himself. He feels it is just a natural part of his life and uses this contact as well as his personal experiences as a “street kid” to help shepherd young people in the right direction and give them hope for a real future.

The 14-year-old model in the first image is featured on the exhibit flyer.

Kye Tanson - Forest Spirit 2 (2014)

Kye Tanson – Forest Spirit 2 (2014)

Kye Tanson - (Untitled) (2014) (1)

Kye Tanson – (Untitled) (2014) (1)

Kye Tanson - (Untitled) (2014) (2)

Kye Tanson – (Untitled) (2014) (2)

Tanson’s body of work does contain some nudity as in the image below.

Kye Tanson - Ares III (2012)

Kye Tanson – Ares III (2012)

Ironically, because the premises are licensed to sell liquor, regulations state that only viewers at least 18 years of age may be admitted to this event.

According to Tanson, he has two ongoing projects: “Theoi” (started in 2012) and Dancers (which began this year)

Theoi Photography website
To order tickets online, go here.  Tickets are $16.50 online (plus applicable fees) or $20 cash at the door.

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